Catch Welfare Platform Podcasts and Interviews

Exploring Catch Welfare in the Fishing Industry with Mike Breen

In this episode of the Fishing Daily podcast, Mike Breen from the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research discusses catch welfare and its broader implications for the fishing industry.

Fishing Gear Optimisation Plays a Huge Role in Catch Welfare

In the latest episode of The Fishing Daily podcast series, Oliver McBride, the Editor of The Fishing Daily, is joined by Tom Rossiter, Head of Precision Fishing at Safety Net Technologies and a member of the Catch Welfare Platform.

Michelle Boonstra, Marine Biologist talks about the Catch Welfare Platform

In the latest episode of the Fishing Daily podcast, host Oliver McBride engages with Michelle Boonstra, a marine biologist and the Project Manager for the Catch Welfare Platform. The episode delves into the critical aspects of the catch welfare initiative 

Catch Welfare Platform Conference: Martin de Beer, Speaker at the Conference

In this episode of the Fishing Daily podcast, Martin de Beer, keynote speaker at the Catch Welfare Platform Conference talks about the research and new technology by Precision Seafood Harvesting in New Zealand

Catch Welfare Platform Conference: Albin Gräns, Researcher with the SLU in Sweden talks about pelagic stunning 

Albin Gräns, Researcher gives us a insight into pelagic stunning and what he will be discussing when he takes the podium at the Catch Welfare Platform Conference on Wednesday 22 November at 9.50 (8.50 GMT). Watch the live stream on The Fishing Daily

Catch Welfare Platform Conference: Christine Xu, Aquatic Life Institute

Christine Xu, the Animal Welfare in Fisheries Specialist for the Aquatic Life Institute talks about her role and the role of the Institute of improving the end-of-life circumstances from aquatic animals.

Catch Welfare Platform Conference: Jenny Wolstorf and Joao Saraiva from Carefish/Catch

Jenny Wolstorf from Fair-Fish and Joao Saraiva from Carefish/Catch talk about data gathering on fish species and how it can help create a better understanding on how fish are affected in the fishing process.

Linda Wood, M&S Aquaculture & Fisheries Manager, discusses the future of fisheries and catch welfare

Linda Wood, the aquaculture and fisheries manager at Marks and Spencer discusses her role, emphasising the importance of responsible sourcing in global seafood procurement.

Catch Welfare Platform Conference Live Broadcasts

** Click speaker to UNMUTE Sound ** When the Catch Welfare Platform plenary sessions are live you can view it here

The Catch Welfare Platform Kick-Off Conference in Bergen, Norway, is set to host around 130 attendees from the seafood and research sectors.

The event will run from Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 November 2023.

While registration for the conference is closed, there is no need to worry, as the event is available at your fingertips.

If you’re interested in learning more about Catch Welfare, you can still join us online through our live stream you can view podcasts and interviews from the event!

You can view the full programme on our website, where all the plenary sessions featuring expert speakers will be broadcast live.

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