royal greenland trawler sunken arctic command

Arctic Command vessel ‘Hvidbjørnen’ and Greenland police vessel ‘Ilik’ were called to aid the crew of sunken Royal Greenland trawler ‘Lomur’. Photo: Arctic Command

The crew of the Royal Greenland trawler ‘Lomur’ demonstrated courage and quick thinking when their vessel encountered trouble, according to Denmark’s Arctic Command.

Greenland news media outlet, Sermitsiaq has reported that at 23.50 on Saturday night, 16 March, an alarming distress call was received by Aasiaat Radio from the 46-metre stern-trawler, located south of Sisimiut.

The crew issued a mayday and reported that the ship was sinking. Aasiaat Radio promptly alerted Arctic Command, which, in collaboration with Greenland Police, dispatched Arctic Command’s inspection vessel ‘Hvidbjørnen’ and the police’s fast-response vessel ‘Ilik’ to the ‘Lomur’s’ position, said Camilla Schouw Broholm, Arctic Command’s press officer, to Sermitsiaq.

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By 00:55 on Sunday morning, 17 March, approximately an hour after the mayday call, Arctic Command received word that the crew was abandoning ship and heading into lifeboats. Shortly after, a new message confirmed that all ten crew members had safely transferred to the lifeboats.

“The crew of the ‘Lomur’ demonstrated great resourcefulness and swiftly boarded the lifeboats,” said Camilla Schouw Broholm.

Minutes after the crew evacuated from the ‘Lomur’, the police vessel ‘Ilik’ arrived at the position, rescuing the ten crew members. At 02:30, Ilik arrived at the port of Sisimiut with the crew members and the lifeboats in tow. The ‘Lomur’ sank at around 03.51 in the morning.

sunken royal greenland trawler

The location of the sunken Royal Greenland trawler ‘Lomur’. Image: Marine Traffic

Hvidbjørnen remained in the area to monitor and observe for pollution of the marine environment,” said Camilla Schouw Broholm.

Arctic Command will now hand over the case to the Danish Maritime Authority, which will investigate the incident.

Royal Greenland, the fishing company that owns the ‘Lomur’, has expressed relief that all crew members are safe.

Royal Greenland owns ‘Lomur’, and Merete Lindstrøm, the company’s communications chief, confirmed to Sermitsiaq that all ten crew members are safe after the incident.

“We are shocked by what has happened, but very relieved that the crew is safe. They are naturally affected by the situation, and we are trying to provide crisis support to them as quickly as possible,” says Merete Lindstrøm. “We thank the police and the private boat nearby and Arctic Command for their very quick response and assistance.”

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