The Minister for Housing requires candidates for the role of Chairperson of the Seafood-Offshore Renewable Energy Working Group

The Minister for Housing requires candidates for the role of Chairperson of the Seafood-Offshore Renewable Energy Working Group

The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for consideration for appointment to the role of Chairperson of the SeafoodOffshore Renewable Energy Working Group.

  • The Chairperson will be responsible for leadership of the Working Group and ensuring its effectiveness on all aspects of its role.
  • The Chairperson should display high standards of integrity and probity and set expectations regarding culture, values, and behaviours for the tone of discussions at Plenary Forum level.
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Location: Usually virtual, though central physical locations are another option in some cases.

  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Remuneration: €11,790 per annum (in line with Government guidance on appointments of this nature)
  • Time Requirements: Plenary meets 10 times per annum for a half day. Approximately 1 day per week preparatory work.

Closing Date for applications: 15.00 (3.00pm) 25 March 2022

The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (DHLGH) has responsibility for the development and implementation of the National Marine Planning Framework (NMPF). The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector has been identified as key in the transformation of our economy to a clean, low carbon system while also offering potential growth in jobs and opportunities of particular benefit to coastal communities. Potentially, many millions of euro annually could become available for investment in coastal communities, with possible beneficiaries including local sports clubs, festivals and projects that support sustainable goals including education, energy efficiency, sustainable energy and climate action initiatives.

Through the development of the NMPF, DHLGH has identified a need for effective engagement between the Seafood and ORE industries, in order to fully understand potential impacts, both positive and negative, co-existence opportunities and displacement considerations, and guide appropriate mitigation responses. This engagement should also have high level input from the relevant Government Departments, Agencies and State Bodies.

There is a responsibility on ORE developers to ensure that the seafood industry understands how ORE developments are expected to operate and be maintained and also that the seafood industry is fully and properly informed of proposed activities at the earliest opportunity and at regular intervals thereafter. In turn, the seafood industry, within an appropriate framework, should be afforded the opportunity to provide an assessment and relevant information to the ORE developer with the objective of working with the developer to properly minimise the impact on the seafood sector. There is a responsibility on both sides to work together to propose appropriate mechanisms for best practice which will ensure safe operations at sea. The overall objective for both industries should be to commit to achieving co-existence to meet their respective business needs. To deliver on this objective, both will need to work closely together.

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