The APPG on Fisheries were advised to how fisheries and offshore wind farms can positively collaborate

The APPG on Fisheries were advised to how fisheries and offshore wind farms can positively collaborate

Last week the APPG on Fisheries heard from sector experts about how fisheries and offshore wind farms can positively collaborate within the marine environment.

With over 160 people in attendance, including MPs, the session provided an excellent opportunity for inter-sector engagement and the sharing of information from a variety of perspectives.

“It is essential that we use our marine environment in the fairest and most responsible way. Only through different sectors working together, and listening to one another, can this be brought about,” said Peter Aldous MP, APPG Secretary, who chaired the event. “This APPG session showed that this process is underway and was a great vehicle for advancing the discussion.” He was one of several MPs in attendance, who actively engaged with speakers.

Attendees heard from three speakers who discussed the perspectives of the fishing and offshore wind industries and the overarching marine planning framework. Dickon Howell, Director of Howell Marine Consulting, gave an overview of the policy landscape. “The marine planning process needs clear guidance and understanding of the interactions between the two industries, and the implications for policy and decision making,” he said.

Dale Rodmell, Assistant Chief Executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, gave a perspective from the fishing industry. “The greatest challenge for marine planning is to effectively prioritise coexistence so that it is built into project design, as opposed to a bolt-on consideration towards the end of the planning process,” he said. “I hope to see greater up-front collaboration in site selection and the design of projects in the future.”

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Courtney French, Senior Environment & Consents Specialist at Ørsted, outlined how they had successfully worked with the fishing industry and their hopes for the future. “We hope for more open and transparent communications, continuing early engagement and work to build on the good relations already established,” she said. “Ideally, I would like the fishing industry, offshore wind developers and government to work together to improve the site selection and marine spatial planning process with the aim of prioritising coexistence of some capacity.”

Attendees showed unprecedented engagement, with over 50 questions submitted to the panel. Those answered during the event stimulated discussions on the importance of planning and research, the role of active collaboration, and possible novel relationships between the two industries.

The event was recorded and is available on the APPG website, along with a summary of the panelists’ answers to questions from attendees. The APPG Secretariat will also publish a policy brief detailing the outputs and key messages for the event in the coming weeks. The APPG on Fisheries’ next event will take place within the next two months. Sign up to their newsletter to be the first to hear about the event launch.

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APPG on Fisheries: Exploring how fisheries and offshore wind farms can co-exist

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