The Norwegian boat Ingrid Majala leaving Killybegs after issues with the SFPA and unloading her catch of blue whiting

The Norwegian boat Ingrid Majala leaving Killybegs after issues with the SFPA and unloading her catch of blue whiting. Photo: Alan Hennigan

Another fishing vessel carrying blue whiting has turned away from due to issues with the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA).

The Norwegian-registered Ingrid Majala, a 62.6 metre pelagic trawler carrying 950 tonnes departed Killybegs at approximately 4.00pm today (Tuesday 05 April) after the SFPA moved to instruct the vessel to dry the catch on landing so it could be weighed before transport to the fish processing plant under the regulations of the interim Control Plan.

 Another Norwegian vessel had offloaded its catch undisturbed before the SFPA officers landed at the pier where the Ingrid Majala had been waiting from the previous morning.

A witness to the incident said that the incident might be treated as an international incident with the Norwegians unhappy that their fishing vessel has been treated.

Last Thursday, the Danish pelagic trawler RUTH had decided to leave Killybegs after a similar incident. That incident has been widely condemned in the fishing and processing industries in Killybegs with factory workers being denied valuable work when communities across Ireland are struggling. It has also been condemned because the processed fish was to be shipped to western Africa, where there is incredible food insecurity due to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine leading to sanctions against the Russian fleet who have been important providers of fish the populations of these countries.

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On that incident the SFPA issued a statement saying that they were only acting based on the regulations of the interim Control Plan.

Today’s news is equally devastating with the future of foreign boats coming to land important catches for processors in Killybegs on the line.

It has also been reported that two Irish-registered pelagic trawlers with blue whiting onboard have been given notice by the SFPA this evening to dry their catches for weighing. This has rendered the blue whiting unfit for human consumption and instead the fish has been sent for non-human consumption processing.

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Another blue whiting boat turns away from unloading in Killybegs

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