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Peruvian Anchovies and Alaska Pollock being the most landed catch worldwide in 2018

Landed catch worldwide in 2018 was 97.4 million tonnes or 4% more than the year before, according to the website of Statistics Iceland . 

Statistics show that the most caught species were the same as before, the Peruvian Sea and Alaska pollock.

Oman also joined a group of countries with more than 500 thousand tons of fish catch. Among continents, landings increased the most in South America, increasing by 2.9 million tonnes. The second largest increase was in North America, amounting to 2.1 million tonnes.

It is worth mentioning that the Omani state has recently leased ships owned by Icelanders and Icelandic captains, production managers and engineers have been on board.

All the anchovies to fishmeal

The Peruvian Sea is a body of water located in the South Pacific off the coast of South America, and as the name implies, this area lies off the coast of Peru. Since the turn of the century, the total catch of Peruvian anchovies has been in the range of 6 to 11 million tonnes annually.

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It is stated on the science website of the University of Iceland that the fish is a pelagic species and a shoaling fish. The largest catch of Peruvian anchovies is landed in Peru and Chile, and almost all of the catch is turned into fishmeal.

The fish “are located within 80 km of the west coast of South America, mainly within the jurisdiction of Chile. At night, there is large shoals at the surface of the sea, but during the day the fish go down to a depth of up to 50m,” says the science website.

Alaska pollock is from the cod family and is one of the largest fish stocks in the world. It is found in the northern Pacific Ocean and is found in large numbers in the Bering Sea. The fish is an important resource for other countries such as Japan, Russia and South Korea. Canadians and Americans also take advantage of the stock.

When you are in a fast food takeaway, there is a good chance that when you order fish, it will be Alaska pollock as it is used as a substitute for cod.


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Landed catch worldwide in 2018 was 97.4 million tonnes

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