ICES advice Herring 2021

The ICES has released its advice on fish stocks in relation to herring in the North East Atlantic and Arctic Ocean for 2021

The ICES has issued advice of fish stock in relation to Herring and Norwegian Spring Spawning Herring for 2021.

The advice is in relation to Herring (Clupea harengus) in subareas 1, 2, and 5, and in divisions 4.a and 14.a, Norwegian spring-spawning herring (the Northeast Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean).

ICES advises that when the long-term management strategy agreed by the European Union, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, and the Russian Federation is applied, catches in 2021 should be no more than 651 033 tonnes.

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This reflects an increase of 24% from 2020 when the quota was recommended at 525,594 tonnes.

The assessment on herring for 2021 was disrupted by COVID-19 so the previous advice for 2020 was followed.

Fishing mortality has increased since 2015, but is estimated to be below FMSY in 2018. The spawning-stock biomass (SSB) has been declining since 2008, but is estimated to be above MSY Btrigger in 2019. Recruitment is estimated to be average or low since 2007 (2005 year-class).

There is an upward revision of SSB for later years in this year’s assessment, but the revision is within the confidence limits of the model. There is a downward revision of the 2016 year class in this years’ assessment. The uncertainty around the estimate of recent year classes is, however, generally high.

The spawning stock is estimated to be 3.5 million tonnes in 2021.

The countries fishing for nvg herring did not agree on the distribution of the total quota for 2020. The sum of the individual countries ‘own quotas amounted to 693,915 tonnes in 2020, which was more than the researchers’ recommendation for up to 525,594 tonnes last year.

Key figures

Critical spawning stock level (B glue ): 2.5 million tonnes

Precautionary spawning stock level (B pa ): 3.184 million tonnes

Measure limit for maximum long-term yield (MSYB trigger ): 3.184 million tonnes

Critical fish mortality rate (F glue ): 0.291

Precautionary fish mortality rate (F pa ): 0.227

Fish death rate for maximum long-term yield (F MSY ): 0.157

Agreed fish death rate level in management plan (F MGT ): 0.14

Expected fish death rate in 2020: 0.187

Expected spawning stock in 2021: 3.505 million tonnes

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ICES Releases 2021 Herring Advice for North East Atlantic & Arctic Ocean

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