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The Dutch fishing sector has unanimously decided to leave the North Sea consultation

After urgent consultation, a broad front of organizations from the Dutch fishing sector has unanimously decided to leave the North Sea consultation due to the complete lack of future prospects.

The fishing organizations who consist of the Dutch Fishermen’s Union, Producers Organizations Urk and Roussant, the National and Urk Dome for the Fish Processing Industry and Trade, the Fish Federation and the Urk Fish Traders Association have written a letter to Ministers Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Safety and Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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The Dutch fishing sector was already critical of the North Sea Agreement, because the construction of large-scale wind farms, the required nature compensation, the ban on pulse trawling and the uncertainties surrounding Brexit leaves little room and perspective for the entire sector.

The perilous action by North Sea Agreement partner Greenpeace to dump large boulders on the Dogger Bank has turned the world upside down as far as the fishing industry is concerned.

“Radical activists who endanger the lives of fishermen by dumping boulders the size of cars on legal fishing grounds are not hindered, but the Dutch fishing sector must be put on a chain,” said Fish Federation Chairman Guus Pastoor. “We want the Dutch government to finally start fighting for us, by taking more account of the dangers of Brexit, by challenging the outdated pulse trawl ban and our interests to continue fishing in the North Sea where things can still be tougher. weighed ”.

The fishing industry is committed to a course that offers scope for preserving and restoring the perspective for the sector, now and in the future, so that not only our, but also future generations can continue to find valuable work in the fishing industry.

Fishing is not only one of the most traditional economic activities in the seas around our country, it is also crucial to today’s desire to create food supplies close to home. The agricultural industry in the Netherlands, including fishing, is essential for this.

It is a fact that times are changing, that adaptations and innovations are also needed, but that is different from simply reducing the fishing grounds or buying out part of the fleet, which offers every perspective for the fishermen and the processing companies behind the horizon disappears.


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Dutch fishing sector leaves the North Sea Agreement consultation

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