News of emergency aid from the Netherlands government has received a lukewarm reception from the Dutch fishing industry Nederlandse Vissersbond delta zuid merge

CPO Delta Zuid and the Nederlandse Vissersbond have officially merge becoming a single producers organisation

CPO Delta Zuid and the Nederlandse Vissersbond (Dutch Fishermen’s Union) have officially merged as of 01 January 2024, becoming a single producer organisation.

The collaboration between PO Delta Zuid and the Dutch Fishermen’s Union began intensively in 2022, with the vision of creating a robust producer organisation for cutter fishing in the near future.

Since January 2022, the affiliated cutter fishing organisations have jointly managed advocacy, services, and communication. Activities such as producing the newsletter, Het Weekjournaal, as well as creating joint press releases, direct mailings, and letters to members have also been carried out collectively.

The announcement on the merger stated, “We have been working towards this for two years, and from this year onwards, the official merger of the two producer organisations has become a reality, and they will continue together under the name of the Nederlandse Vissersbond/CPO Nederlandse Vissersbond (Dutch Fishermen’s Union/CPO Dutch Fishermen’s Union).”

A meeting is scheduled for Friday 19 January, at PO Delta Zuid in Stellendam, which will involve bidding farewell to several directors of PO Delta Zuid. This gathering aims to provide an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the board and employees of the Dutch Fishermen’s Union and to discuss the future of the organization post-merger.

In line with the merger agreement, the board of the Dutch Fishermen’s Union will be expanded with Anne Marie van Seters-Padmos, Kees van Beveren, and Niels van der Plas. Two council members and two deputies from Delta South have been appointed for the Southwest and Northwest departments. Council members represent their respective departments and are appointed by the departments. New appointments will be determined in June 2024 during the bi-annual department meeting of both South and North West. Until then, the mentioned individuals will participate in the members’ council.


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