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250 boats have been authorised to fish a total of 537.69 tonnes of bluefin tuna in waters of the Canary Islands

The Spanish government has authorised a total of 250 vessels to fish for bluefin tuna in the Canary Islands.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) published yesterday the resolution 23 January by the General Secretariat of Fisheries establishing the provisions for the 2024 bluefin tuna campaign in the Canary fishing grounds, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 46/2019, of February 8, regulating the bluefin tuna fishery in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

The 250 authorised vessels will benefit from 537.69 tonnes of bluefin tuna, with catch limits set by vessel type and size.

The distribution criterion is set at 90% of the quota for the longline tuna and small-scale fishing segments, to which 60% and 40% are assigned, respectively, based on the total length of the vessel. The remaining 10% of the quota is distributed linearly among vessels under 12 metres in total length.

The resulting individual limit for each vessel is extended by 15% to ensure the maximum utilization of the quota during the first fishing period. Individual catch limits per vessel, including the additional 15%, are detailed in Annex I of the resolution.

During the second period, the unconsumed quota of bluefin tuna from the total 537.69 tonnes will be used by all vessels without individual restrictions, with the implementation of the quota optimisation mechanism.

This year, due to the significant interest shown by the sector, the opening has been brought forward compared to previous years to better capitalise on bluefin tuna catches as they pass through Canary waters.

The resolution establishes two fishing periods. The first is from 29 January to 14 June, and the second is from 19 June to 31 December 2024.


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