The Spanish fishing sector has gathered government support over the EU Commission ban on bottom-fishing in 87 fishing areas

The Spanish fishing sector has gathered government support on the EU Commission ban on bottom-fishing in 87 fishing areas. Photo: Cepesca

The Spanish fisheries sector thanks the General Secretariat of Fisheries and the Regional Ministries for their willingness to collaborate to avoid the closure of 87 fishing areas

The fishing sector grouped in the Spanish Fisheries Confederation (Cepesca) thanks the General Secretariat of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the representatives of the ministries of the different autonomous communities (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country and Andalusia ), with whom he met last week, his willingness to collaborate to minimize the impact or avoid the closure of 87 fishing areas in Atlantic waters, as established by the European Commission’s Implementing Regulation, whose entry into force is scheduled for next Sunday 09 October 2022.

The fishing sector, integrated into the European Bottom Fishing Alliance (EBFA), an organisation that represents more than 20,000 fishermen and 7,000 European vessels, also insists on its criticism of the measure, which it describes as “technical and legal bungling” and has reiterated to the SG Pesca the firmness in its intention to go to court .

Likewise, and pending the in-depth study being carried out by the SG Pesca, together with the State Advocacy Office of the Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Foreign Affairs, the fishing sector trusts that the Spanish Government will present an appeal and request the subsequent precautionary suspension of the application of the measure which, as the sector has already warned, would have devastating consequences for the fishing fleet, fishing professionals, their entire value chain and also consumers.

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According to Iván López van der Veen, member of the Board of Directors of Cepesca and president of the EBFA , “The meeting has taken place in the tone of collaboration and cohesion that we expected and we trust in the responsibility of the Government for the presentation of the appeal because it would exercise its legitimate right as a Member State, as the other States concerned, Ireland, France and Portugal, can do.”

It should be remembered that the EC Implementing Regulation prohibits all bottom fishing activities (trawling, longlines, hooks, etc.) in 87 fishing zones in France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. In the opinion of the EBFA, the consequences of this implementing act will be dramatic for all European fisheries and calls for its withdrawal in view of the recognised scientific gaps, the lack of adequate consultation and socio-economic impact analysis , as well as the absence support from the Council (although this was not mandatory).

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Spanish fishing sector gathers government support on bottom-fishing ban

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