Karstensens Shipyard HAVSKJER  pelagic trawler

The new pelagic trawler/seine-netter HAVSKJER from Karstensens Shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard has completed the new  HAVSKJER  and the pelagic trawler has now finally been delivered from to Havskjer AS / Henning Veibust. 

Construction of the news ship has been marked by major challenges, partly with the COVID-19 pandemic and partly with very large delays in the delivery of main components. 

Karstensens Shipyard HAVSKJER  pelagic trawler

However, thanks to good cooperation between fishing company and shipyard, they both managed to get to completion of the new pelagic trawler/seine-netter. 

“Both fishing company and shipyard can be very proud of the result,”  says Karstensens . 

The hull for the new HAVSKJER  was raised in Karstensens  subsidiary Karstensen Shipyard in Gdynia and after launching the hull was towed to the main shipyard in Skagen for outfitting in January 2020 .

Karstensens Shipyard HAVSKJER  pelagic trawler

Havskjer AS was established in 1993 and in 2000 had its first new building, current  HAVSKJER . This new vessel will be the company’s third new build. The company is operated and owned by Henning Veibust and the home port for the  HAVSKJER  will be at  lesund in Norway. 

The company operates with combined trawl and purse seine fishing. The company operates trawling primarily for blue whiting fishing west of Ireland. Other fishing, primary herring and mackerel is operated through the purse-seine. The new vessel will be operated according to the same principles. 

KarteKarstensens Shipyard HAVSKJER  pelagic trawlernsens Shipyard HAVSKJER  pelagic trawler

Design, interior design and arrangements have been made in a very close cooperation between the company and shipyard. Many lessons learned from the company’s other ships and the Yard’s portfolio have been discussed and assessed. 

Safety and working conditions are particularly taken into account by the fact. In addition, the trawl deck is aft raised an entire floor, with the aim of increasing the freeboard and thus safety. 

The  HAVSKJER  is 80 metres in length overall with a beam of 16 metres and weighs in at 3497 GT 

The fishing vessel was designed by Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S. 

The main engine is a Wurtsila  propulsion system with a 12V32E2 main engine turning a 4200mm diameter 4D1095 propeller via a SCV 95-PDC58, 750/130rpm reduction gearbox. The 6960kW main engine delivers a top speed of 17.8 knots and combined with the Marelli 3400 kW/4250 kVA water cooled shaft generator supplies sufficient power for the trawling season and for the electrical system, including the 1300kW Brunvoll side thrusters, when purse seining. 

Kartensens Shipyard HAVSKJER  pelagic trawler

Deck machinery supplied by Karmoy Winch include 2 x Trawl 90.00t hydraulic trawl winches and 2 x 148.00t net drums. 

Fish pump equipment was also supplied by Karmoy Winch with a C-Flow vacuum-system: C-The wheelhouse was designed and designed by Karstensens Shipyard with the electronic equipment (navigation, fishing search, communication) provided by Furuno Sweden and installed by KS Elektro. 

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