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Danish politicians demand sanctions against the UK following the announcement of a fishing ban on sandeel in English waters of the Dogger Bank

In a latest twist to the ongoing fisheries dispute between the United Kingdom and Denmark, Danish politicians, led by Kristian Bøgsted, the fisheries rapporteur for the Danish Democrats, are seeking urgent answers from the Minister of Fisheries regarding the UK’s decision to permanently ban sandeel fishing in the North Sea’s Dogger Bank area.

The UK’s announcement, scheduled to take effect on March 26, not only contradicts the terms of the Brexit agreement but also has profound implications for Danish fishing and the broader fishing industry. Bøgsted has submitted a Section 20 question to the minister, demanding clarity on how the government plans to address the concerns raised by the fishing industry. The response is eagerly awaited and anticipated later this week.

Meanwhile, Asger Christensen, a member of the EU Parliament for the Liberal Party and deputy chairman of the parliament’s fisheries committee, has called for stringent measures against the UK. Christensen contends that the UK’s unilateral action violates the established agreements, warranting substantial consequences.

“The proposal from the fisheries committee will be that the EU must now stand up to the UK. Our recommendation would be that we close the single market to goods from the UK. We have to use access to the internal market as bargaining capital when a clear agreement is broken,” asserted Christensen during a visit to the Fishing Conference in Lemvig.

Christensen’s recommendation aligns with the sentiment that the EU should take robust measures against the UK for breaching the Brexit agreement. Excluding Great Britain entirely from the EU’s internal market is seen as a potential response to the sandeel ban. The Fisheries Committee is scheduled to engage with the EU Commission next week to discuss potential actions and strategies in response to the UK’s contentious decision.

As the dispute escalates, the fishing industry and political stakeholders closely monitor developments, emphasising the need for diplomatic resolutions that uphold the principles of the Brexit agreement and protect the interests of all involved parties.


Source: Fiskertidende

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