The Danish fishing industry has agreed for closer collaboration across the sectors to promote consumption and sales of Danish fish products

The Danish fishing industry has agreed for closer collaboration across the sectors to promote consumption and sales of Danish fish products

The Danish fisheries sector has agreed to resume cooperation to promote consumption and sales of Danish fish products. 

This has been done by resuming the collaboration in the association Fiskebranchen, which was previously known for the iconic Minna and Gunnar commercials, which made the Danes eat more fish. 

Therefore, the founding general meeting of the association Fiskebranchen was held on 09 June, where the Danish Fisheries Association, the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization, the Danish Seafood Association, Danish Aquaculture, Agriculture & Food and Denmark’s Fishmongers shook hands to resume cooperation.  

And that is what is needed. The fishing industry – or in English: Danish Seafood Council – is re-emerging in the wake of Brexit and the corona pandemic, both of which have shaken food markets around the world and fundamentally changed the rules of the game. Therefore, the fishing industry has gained renewed relevance. There is a need for everyone who works with fish to stand together and speak with one common voice. 

The association’s primary work will be about how we in the future can create better opportunities to sell Danish fishery products at home and abroad. There must be a focus on opening up new markets that can replace the losses caused by Brexit, where the opportunities for exporting to the UK have been significantly reduced. At the same time, efforts must be made to strengthen sales in Denmark and get Danes to eat more Danish fish. For example, by striking a blow for serving Danish fish in public and state kitchens.  

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In addition, the fishing industry will work with how the industry can develop in an even more sustainable direction, talk about the many good initiatives and thereby increase knowledge and understanding of how Danish fishery products are created.  

At the inaugural general meeting, Kenn Skau Fischer, director of the Danish Fisheries Association, was appointed chairman of the Fisheries Association, and director of the Danish Seafood Association, Poul Melgaard, became deputy chairman.  

“I am really happy that we have agreed to resume cooperation. Danish fish products are a class in themselves and are undoubtedly part of the solution to the global food shortage. For Danish fishery products are produced sustainably, where both the climate and the environment are taken into account, and then the production takes place on proper wage and working conditions. We can be proud of that, and it emphasizes that the Danish fishing industry is part of the future, says the newly elected chairman of the Fisheries Association,” Kenn Skau Fischer.   

The fishing industry gets an address at Axelborg in Copenhagen together with the rest of the food industry. 

That is what the parties behind Foreningen Fiskebranchen say about the collaboration: 

Poul Melgaard, director of the Danish Seafood Association: 

“We still eat too little fish – both from a nutritional point of view and from a climate point of view, and with the fishing industry we must jointly seek to realize potentials through joint market efforts.”

Klaus Jørgensen, Area Manager, Agriculture & Food: 

“Fish is an important part of the Danish food culture and at the same time creates high value for the Danish economy with many jobs and large export revenues. This must be maintained and developed in the future, so therefore we are really happy to help form the fishing industry in Denmark.”

Esben Sverdrup-Jensen, director of the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization: 

“Denmark is the world’s 5th largest fishing nation, and we are at the forefront when it comes to climate, quality and food security. With the establishment of the fishing industry, we can now strengthen the story of the world’s best fish products both at home and in the export markets.”

Klaus Anker Jensen, chairman of Denmark’s Fishmongers: 

“Common challenges call for common solutions. It is therefore a great pleasure that we have moved together and put renewed focus on the industry’s important core areas. We stand together – united and stronger.”

Brian Thomsen, director of Danish Aquaculture: 

“We see a growing need for sustainable, healthy and climate-friendly foods. Danish fisheries and aquaculture can contribute both products and innovative solutions to the blue transition. We can also contribute to jobs and economic development in rural areas. With the establishment of the new association, we are sending a strong and positive signal of cooperation across industries and sectors, and we look forward to getting started with the work.”

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