CatchCam is an underwater video camera that lets fishermen see their gear in action

catchcam camera

Tough enough for trawls yet small enough for creels,

CatchCam was designed to remove the guesswork from fishing


“The payback can be quick when you’re not fishing right. Seeing the problem lets you fix it straight away and I’ve seen us find and fix an issue in one haul. To someone like us that can be worth over £1,000 a day”

– Darren McClements from FV. Golden Ray.

“Before, I had the trawl doors about 60cm behind the lump. By adjusting the doors to 40 cm ahead, the geometry corrects itself. This also means the undernet stretches better, which is essential for the trawl to function optimally”

– Anders Paulsen from the FV. Ulsvaag II

“CatchCam proved to be a very useful tool for getting a far better understanding of fish and shellfish activity around the gear and helps contribute to fishing innovation”

Bruce Langlands from the FV. Shuna

“I was skeptical at first, but the CatchCam proved to be very versatile and durable logging over 2500 videos. With some simple ingenuity we were able to mount it all over the dredge and its gear”

– Billy Hullbig, from the FV. K.A.T.E. II

“A cracking bit of kit. The camera has been excellent, knew something wasn’t right on the first haul, altered it for the second haul and the difference in the discards was massive. Been well worth buying”

– Peter Clarke from FV. Lily James

“The (CatchCam) system is more valuable than some of the more expensive sensors we have on the boat. We put it on the flip up and could see the gear was well set up”

– James Anderson from  FV. Alison Kay

The days of hanging over the side to see how the shoes on trawl doors are polishing may be a thing of the past”

– Shaun Doran from FV. Chloe Ella

catchcam safetynet technologies

From simply filming fishing gear, the CATCHCAM CAMERA enables fishermen to see if their gear is working properly so they can make precise alterations to improve performance and catch. 

CatchCam is the most robust underwater video camera available for commercial fishing. With a battery life of up to 4 days, and a length of 13.5cm, CatchCam makes it easy for fishermen to film their gear in action and gather evidence they would not be able to get otherwise. 


  • Robust & shock resistant
  • Easy-to-use and adaptable set-up
  • 100 hours of recording on a single charge
  • Depth rated to 800m
  • Completely wireless deployment
  • Additional 500-lumen lamp for brightness
catchcam safetynet technologies

“Film your gear to increase catch,

improve performance

and reduce bycatch”

Using CatchCam is simple…


  1. Set up the underwater camera using the CatchCam App
  2. Choose the light settings of the LED Lamp 
  3. Attach both the Camera and Lamp to your gear and start fishing. Both devices will activate automatically in the water and start filming your gear in action.
  4. Haul your gear. The underwater videos are instantly available to stream or download from the CatchCam camera via the App.

To Learn More About the CatchCam watch The Fishing Daily Podcast episode with Tom Rossiter


What’s the maximum depth the camera can be deployed at?

CatchCam was build to be deployable down to 800m underwater. That said, SafetyNet also offers a simpler version of the camera which is deployable down to 300m. Both versions come with an additional 500 lumens light to be paired up with the camera and enhance visibility underwater. Learn more about the product specifications by downloading the brochure above.

Does it record videos in real time?

For improved flexibility, we’ve developed the camera to be wireless. This means the videos are not live-streamed. As soon as it exits the water, the camera connects to the App and allows you to access all the footage recorded, without the need to detach it from the gear. This way, you can identify and fix any errors immediately after the 1st haul. The camera battery can last for up to 100 hours on one charge.

What size is the catchcam camera?

CatchCam is the same size as a can of soft drinks suck as Coke.

Catchcam Safety Net Technologies

How tough is the CatchCam camera?

Tough enough to resist over 500 deployments attached to a scallop dredge. The CatchCam camera was created to be shock-resistant and easily thrive in the underwater environment. To add another layer of protection, the camera also comes with a Gear Attachment unit. This not only protects the camera but also makes the process of attaching it to the gear as easy as possible. So whether you plan on deploying CatchCam from a dredge, trawl or creel, we’ve got you covered.


CatchCam is available in three packages to suit different fisheries and use cases.

catchcam camera film your fishing gear





catchcam camera film your fishing gear

SafetyNet Technologies Launches Innovative Rental Scheme for their Fishing Camera

About SafetyNet Technologies

At SafetyNet Technologies, we want fishing crews to feel confident in using our technology. That’s why we continuously run commercial and scientific trials on fishing vessels. During these trials, we collect direct feedback from fishermen to guide the design of all our Precision Fishing products, including the CatchCam camera.

Ultimately, the goal is to build tools that can help you catch your target species more efficiently. The result is not only a more sustainable approach to fishing but also enhanced profits as operations become more targeted.