The UK Parliament has discussed how KOSMOS could help solve the paperwork problems for fish exports

The UK Parliament has discussed how KOSMOS could help solve the paperwork problems for fish exports

During an International Trade Committee on the EU-UK trading relationship, the British House of Commons zoomed in on the paperwork problems the fishing industry is currently facing, and how a digital platform in the cloud like KOSMOS could save the day.

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Independent marine and fisheries consultant Mrs. Terri Portmann was invited by the Committee to share her knowledge on the UK fishing industry, and to give her opinion on how to proceed.

Mrs. Portmann pitched the idea of a UK-based central data storage and management platform in the form of a nationwide platform overarching local fishing harbours’ auction systems.

She explains: “This system would significantly improve the reliability of the data, the ease of both input and output of data by all users (sellers, buyers, exporters, authorities) and the simplicity of dematerialised export paperwork.”

Being a well-established consultant in the UK fishing industry, Mrs. Portmann knew that Aucxis E-Trade Systems recently developed KOSMOS, the standard digital trading platform in the cloud.

Given the fact that several UK fish markets like Brixham Trawler AgentsShetland Seafood Auction and Stevenson Newlyn have already made the switch and are very pleased with the wide range of possibilities KOSMOS has to offer, she decided to get in touch with us.

Mrs. Portman strongly believes that the digital platform KOSMOS can offer an answer to the significant additional export paperwork in the UK fishing industry.

KOSMOS cannot only be be used to process the fish supply and to sell the products: also the after-sales processes are covered. 

Reports can easily be exported to local and central authorities or third parties to support with the EU import process.

KOSMOS collects a complete package of data, which is very useful for the preparation of EU-compliant export paperwork. 

The KOSMOS data can be efficiently consulted online by various users – from suppliers, buyers, exporters and auction staff to the entire fishing industry – when using their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Aucxis’ E-Trade Manager Patrick Bauwens “We have extensive experience in data capture and data exchange in the fishing industry. We already exchange data and generate reports for other European auctions. 

“Therefore, we believe that by implementing KOSMOS we can help the UK fishing industry in centralising all fishing data and generating the necessary reports and certificates, e.g. for export and traceability purposes.

“We can also cross-check data with other systems.”

Source: Press Release