best trawl door manufacturers

The Fishing Daily looks at the best trawl door manufacturers in Europe

Best Trawl Door Manufacturers

There are several trawl door manufacturers in Europe that are highly recommended and have a good reputation in the fishing industry.

Some of the most recommended trawl door manufacturers in Europe are:

  • Thyborøn Trawldoor
  • Vonin
  • Morgère SAS
  • MLD Trawl Steering System –
  • Injector™
  • Rock Trawl-doors

It’s always a good idea to research and compare different manufacturers to find the one that best meets your needs and preferences.

Trawl doors are devices used in commercial fishing to help control the movement and shape of fishing nets as they are dragged through the water.

The Fishing Daily looks at who are sescribed as the best trawl door manufatuerers in Europe.

The size and shape of the trawl doors used can vary depending on the size and type of fishing vessel and the species being targeted. Some doors may also be fitted with additional features, such as weight sensors or adjustable wings, to help optimize their performance.

As fishing tecnologies advance, so do trawl doors. Gone are the heavy wooden doors widely used across all Europe’s fleet, with steel doors now the dominant seller. 

These days, the design and aquadynamics are advanced as the design and aerodynamics used by car and aeroplane makers.

Skippers have their preferences in trawl doors depending on history, the grounds they fish and what they fish for. Below is top-six recognised by The Fishing Daily.


Pioneering Excellence in Marine Forging since 1902: Over a Century of Dedication to the Fishing Industry

Morgère, a name synonymous with marine forging since 1902, has consistently strived to provide the fishing industry with unparalleled equipment. As one of the world’s foremost experts in trawl doors, Morgère’s impact spans five continents, making them a true global powerhouse in the field.

Shaping the Future of Fishing

Morgère’s commitment extends beyond mere business; it’s a dedication to ushering in a future of fishing that’s more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. Their vision revolves around minimizing the environmental footprint of the fishing industry while enhancing its productivity.

Trawl Doors, Kites, and Otter Twin Trawl Equipment

The scope of Morgère’s offerings is extensive, encompassing trawl doors, kites, and equipment tailored for otter twin trawls. The wide array of specialized equipment reflects Morgère’s deep understanding of the diverse needs and requirements within the fishing industry.

Global Expertise Across Various Fisheries

Morgère’s invaluable global experience spans a multitude of fisheries, including semi-pelagic, pelagic, and demersal. This rich knowledge equips them with a profound understanding of the distinct demands of each fishery. As a result, Morgère can offer fishermen worldwide the most advanced technologies, optimizing catches while simultaneously reducing energy costs.

In summary, Morgère stands as a beacon of excellence in the marine forging industry, backed by over a century of unwavering dedication. Their contributions are not limited to supplying equipment but encompass the noble pursuit of a fishing industry that harmonizes with nature, reducing its ecological footprint while maximizing its potential.


New Champion trawl door from Morgère delivers fishing benefits
New look vibrant yellow trawl doors from Morgère

MLD Trawl Steering System

Revolutionizing the Fishing Industry: MLD’s Multi-Purpose Door Takes the Lead

Innovation has long been a driving force in the fishing industry, and one company is making waves with its groundbreaking approach to trawl door technology. MLD, an acronym that stands for Multi-Purpose Door, is rapidly emerging as a game-changer, breathing new life into the way trawl doors are used in the world of fishing.

MLD’s mission is simple yet profound: to unlock fresh possibilities within the fishing sector through innovation. Their vision, firmly rooted in the future, centers on pioneering the next generation of integrated fishing equipment. The ultimate goal? Bringing trawling fishermen one step closer to realizing their dreams of having comprehensive control over their trawl doors during the entire fishing process.

While the idea of redefining trawl door technology may seem like a colossal task, MLD is more than up for the challenge. Their commitment to progress has propelled them to the forefront of trawl steering technology. MLD doesn’t just stop at innovation; they lead with distinction. Their Multi-Purpose Door system is widely acknowledged as one of the most efficient and effective solutions available in the market today.

At the core of their success is a trawl door design that sets new industry standards. This exceptional design has not only improved performance but also opened doors to a myriad of possibilities. MLD’s innovative approach has given rise to an array of versatile door configurations, each meticulously crafted to boost profitability and streamline operations on trawling vessels.

The advantages of MLD’s Multi-Purpose Door extend far beyond their efficient design. Their revolutionary approach is transforming the fishing industry, making waves with each deployment of their trawl doors. Fishermen no longer need to grapple with limited control over their gear; instead, they are now equipped with a state-of-the-art tool that revolutionizes the way they operate.

MLD’s impact is rippling through the fishing world. As the industry evolves, MLD is poised to remain at the forefront of innovation, steering trawling technology toward a brighter, more efficient future. The vision is simple but powerful: unlock the potential of the Multi-Purpose Door, and you unlock the future of fishing. With MLD, that future is already here.


MLD off-bottom trawl doors in the Irish Nephrops fishery shows fuel-savings

Thyboron Trawldoor

Thyboron Trawldoors: Pioneers in Innovative Trawl Door Technology

With a rich history of crafting trawl doors for a wide array of fishing vessels, **Thyboron Trawldoors** has earned its reputation as a global leader in the industry. Boasting years of experience, Thyboron has harnessed the collective knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years to create trawl doors that are second to none. Every trawl door they manufacture is infused with the pride they take in their work, and it shows.

Thyboron Trawldoors is not just a company; it’s a community dedicated to serving the needs of fishermen worldwide. If you have questions or seek guidance, rest assured that reaching out to them is always an option. In fact, they go one step further. Thyboron Trawldoors will connect you with fellow fishermen who can share their firsthand experiences with Thyboron’s trawl doors. It’s like getting a recommendation from someone who knows exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes.

At the heart of their offerings lies the BLUESTREAM trawl doors, a marvel of versatility and innovation. These high aspect trawl doors are designed to excel in various fishing setups, whether you’re engaged in bottom fishing, semi-pelagic fishing (utilizing “flying doors off the bottom”), or direct pelagic fishing. The BLUESTREAM doors are the Swiss Army knives of the trawl door world.

One of Thyboron’s patented features that truly sets them apart is the **FLIPPER model**. This innovation allows for the adjustment of the trawl door’s surface area by opening one, two, three, or four flaps in the door. The possibilities for different fishing setups are virtually limitless, ensuring high stability, whether you’re fishing at depth or skimming the surface with plenty of turns. The FLIPPER model isn’t just about versatility; it’s about maximizing trawl door efficiency.

Thyboron Trawldoors has made its mark as a global supplier to the fishing industry, serving clients in more than 50 countries across the planet. Their client base spans the spectrum, from those engaged in bottom fishing, demersal fishing, and single, twin, and quad rig operations to large-scale vessels equipped with six sets of trawl doors and twelve trawls. Whether it’s semi-pelagic or pelagic fishing, Thyboron’s doors have proven their worth. The bottom line is simple: no customer is too large, and no customer is too small for Thyboron Trawldoor.

In a world where innovation is the key to success, Thyboron Trawldoors stands at the forefront, combining years of expertise with cutting-edge designs to meet the diverse needs of the global fishing community. It’s a name synonymous with quality and innovation, and it’s a name that the fishing industry knows and trusts.


Vónin Trawldoors: Shaping the Future of Fishing Gear

Vónin, a prominent name in the world of high-quality fishing gear and aquaculture equipment, boasts an impressive presence with branches in Norway, Greenland, and Canada, along with a state-of-the-art production facility in Lithuania. This, in addition to several specialized locations in the Faroe Islands, has solidified Vónin’s position as a major player in the industry. The company’s international client base is a testament to its commitment to excellence.

Vónin’s journey began in 1969, rooted in a simple yet ambitious goal: to manufacture fishing equipment primarily for the local fleet. Founded by a group of passionate fishermen, the company quickly expanded its horizons beyond the domestic fleet, becoming one of the leading exporters in the Faroe Islands. From its modest local origins, Vónin has evolved into a highly specialized and genuinely international operation, enriched with a wealth of expertise and experience.

Innovation in Response to Industry Evolution

In an era where fisheries and aquaculture have become increasingly demanding and competitive, Vónin has risen to the challenge by pioneering the development of hard-wearing, high-strength materials tailored to their own exacting specifications. The result is a range of reliable products that have set a new industry standard. Vónin’s dedication to product quality is exemplified by their close collaboration with the fishing industry, resulting in a high level of excellence they take immense pride in.

The Path to Excellence: Collaboration and Sustainability

Collaboration lies at the heart of Vónin’s journey to excellence. The company has consistently engaged with industry experts and clients, nurturing a culture of innovation. Ideas stemming from their highly skilled staff and clients are explored using advanced computer simulators and then tested on a smaller scale in flume tanks. Only when Vónin achieves optimal results in these controlled environments do their designs and products venture out to sea, under the scrutiny of their own experts and experienced clients.

Sustainability, A Longstanding Commitment

At Vónin, sustainability is not an afterthought but a long-standing commitment. The company takes significant measures to minimize waste in its production processes. Beyond the manufacturing floor, Vónin extends its ethos of durability and longevity to its customers, offering gear designed to last. This dedication to longevity minimizes waste at every level and underscores Vónin’s vision of responsible production.

Vónin’s ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality products, optimized for maximum efficiency. This focus not only benefits the fishing industry by reducing fuel consumption but also plays a crucial role in lowering emissions. Furthermore, Vónin is taking a significant step towards being an integral part of a supply chain that prioritizes resource efficiency, resulting in the maximum production of protein from the sea.

In conclusion, Vónin Trawldoors is not just a producer of essential fishing gear; it’s a symbol of unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a brighter future for the fishing industry.


Revolutionizing the Fisheries Industry: Injector™ Trawl Doors Set to Make Waves

In the ever-evolving world of fisheries, innovation is the key to success. Enter Injector™ Trawl Doors, a groundbreaking development poised to revolutionize the industry. These cutting-edge trawl doors, designed with efficiency, sustainability, and practicality in mind, have created quite a buzz among fishermen and marine enthusiasts.

Enhancing Efficiency

Injector™ Trawl Doors are engineered to enhance efficiency in the fishing process. Designed with advanced hydrodynamics, they reduce drag and allow trawls to be deployed more effectively. The result? Improved fuel efficiency, reduced operating costs, and maximized catches for fishing vessels.

Sustainability at the Core

Sustainability is a core principle guiding Injector™ Trawl Doors. In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront, these doors are designed to minimize their impact on marine ecosystems. They boast a reduced seabed impact, helping to preserve fragile underwater habitats.

Practical and User-Friendly

Injectors™ are not just efficient; they’re also incredibly practical. The user-friendly design makes them suitable for a wide range of fishing operations, from pelagic to bottom trawling. Fishermen appreciate the ease of deployment and retrieval, which translates to time saved and improved productivity.

Positive Feedback from the Field

The Injector™ Trawl Doors have already gained the approval of fishing communities. Feedback from those who have had the opportunity to test these doors has been overwhelmingly positive. Fishermen note the doors’ ability to maintain stability even in challenging conditions, demonstrating their versatility and reliability.

Meeting Industry Needs

As the fisheries industry continues to evolve, Injector™ Trawl Doors stand as a testament to innovation meeting the industry’s ever-changing needs. With a strong focus on efficiency, sustainability, and practicality, these doors are poised to leave a significant mark in the world of fishing.

In conclusion, Injector™ Trawl Doors represent a significant step forward in the quest for a more sustainable and efficient fisheries industry. Their potential to reduce environmental impact, improve catches, and save on operational costs positions them as a remarkable advancement in trawling technology. As more fishermen adopt these doors, the industry’s future looks brighter, with innovative solutions paving the way for a more responsible and prosperous fishing sector.

Rock Trawl-Doors

Pioneering Excellence in Trawl-Door Manufacturing

In the heart of the picturesque Faroe Islands, where rugged landscapes meet the North Atlantic Ocean, a unique venture has been carving its path to success. **Rock Trawl-Doors**, a Faroese company, has been steadily making waves in the fishing and maritime industry with its unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and the local community.

Setting Sail on Solid Ground

Established on October 1, 2004, Rock Trawl-Doors had a clear vision: to create high-quality iron and steel products for the global fishing industry. Based in the town of Vágur in the Faroe Islands, the name “Rock” was chosen to symbolize solidity and stability—the very principles upon which the company was built.

The founders of Rock Trawl-Doors faced a choice that many companies in the fishing industry encounter. They could have established the company in a foreign land with lower manufacturing costs and easy access to global markets. However, they opted to plant their roots firmly in the Faroe Islands. This decision was motivated by their dedication to the local community and their belief in preserving the expertise and job opportunities for the people of the Faroe Islands.

Super Shark: Setting the Bar High

In 2007, Rock Trawl-Doors introduced their first trawl-door, the “Super Shark.” It was a significant leap in trawl-door design, featuring five horizontal bulkheads and 12 plates, in contrast to the standard three horizontal bulkheads and six plates found in the market. The Super Shark was not just strong; it redefined what a trawl-door could be.

Expanding the Fleet

Rock didn’t stop with the Super Shark. In the same year, they began crafting a new pelagic trawl-door, aptly named the “Sea Bat.” This versatile trawl-door proved its worth in pelagic fishing, excelling in catching mackerel near the surface as well as blue whiting and rose fish in deeper waters.

The innovation continued with the introduction of the “Sea Lion.” Featuring 16 plates and an additional spoiler, it became the go-to trawl-door for deep-sea fishing.

The Sea Hunter: A Game Changer

Rock’s commitment to innovation led to the creation of their latest trawl-door, the “Sea Hunter.” Designed for bottom-dwelling fishing, the Sea Hunter stands out for its ability to stretch the trawl even when the doors are kept just above the seabed.

Diverse Product Lineup and Services

Beyond trawl-doors, Rock Trawl-Doors manufactures clumps for various fishing industries. They also offer services such as trawl-door and clump repair, manufacturing steel and iron products for the sea farming industry, large vehicles, and even container ramps.

Exceptional Shipping and Personalized Service

Customers of Rock Trawl-Doors benefit from top-notch shipping services, with products delivered to destinations worldwide. Moreover, Rock extends a unique offer—customers can dock at the harbor of Vágur and have their products delivered directly to their vessels.

Building Relationships Through Communication

The founders of Rock Trawl-Doors, all seasoned captains with extensive bridge experience, understand that strong communication between seller and buyer is fundamental for delivering the best service. This commitment to effective communication is one of Rock’s guiding principles.

A Local Legacy with Global Reach

At Rock Trawl-Doors, the entire manufacturing process occurs in the Faroe Islands. Materials are imported, products are crafted and sold locally and globally. This approach is deeply rooted in the founders’ belief in being a Faroese company and their dedication to making invaluable contributions to the local community.

With a current team of 17 talented individuals whose roles encompass administration, sales, product development, manufacturing, and repair, Rock Trawl-Doors continues to be a beacon of excellence in the maritime industry. Their focus on quality, precision, and community impact sets them apart, making them pioneers in trawl-door manufacturing with a Faroese heart and a global presence.

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