Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

Sisters Torland and Tor-Ön built at Karstensens for the Ahlström family from Fiskebäck, Sweden.

All photos courtsey Karstensens Skibsværft A/S

Karstensens Skibsværft A/S was the place to be on 01 August to witness the christening of two new bright orange sister trawlers built for their Swedish owners.

The 49.99 metre Torland (build #447) and Tor-Ön (build #448) have been built for the Ahlström family from Fiskebäck near Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Torland is owned by Torland Fiske AB which is owned and operated by Robert Ahlström’s sons: Olof, David, Simon and Emanuel who are all equal parties in the new boat.

The Tor-Ön is owned by Tor-ön Fiske AB which is owned and operated, by equal parties and brothers Svante, Fredrik, John and Philip who are sons of Martin Ahlström.

So with four brothers behind each ship, and cousins ​​between them, the 3rd generation of this large fishing family has now taken over the new ships.

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

Thanks to the opening of the Swedish border, there was an opportunity for a limited baptism of the two ships. This baptism took place in Skagen, Saturday 1 August 2020 under fantastic weather conditions and together with well-established owners.

The two new vessels replace the companies’ previous  fishing vessels Torland and Tor-ön, which were built in 2000 and have since been sold to a Russian shipping company on Sakhalin Island in 2017.

The two new vessels will be used for fishing for sprat in the Baltic Sea, sandeel and sprat in the North Sea and herring and mackerel in the Skagerak and the North Sea. All protein fish will be landed at FF in Skagen while Skagerak Pelagic also in Skagen will be receiving almost all of the boats’ herring catches.

Building Torland and Tor-Ön

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
On 5 May 2017, a contract was entered into between the Torönland HB and Karstensens Skibsværft A/S for the construction of two new 49.99 m trawlers.

The hulls arrived at Karstensens in Skagen greatly delayed, in the autumn of 2019 and winter 2020, respectively. Karstensens finished the vessels and after successful fishing trials, both fishing vessels were handed over to the fishing companies 16 March 2020 and 26 June 2020, respectively.

Like Karstensens other new builds, the new “Torland” and “Tor-ön” are also of the yard’s own design. Karstensens say that this process ensures financial optimisation with a short decision-making process and clearly defined areas of responsibility.

The design had taken place in very close collaboration between the fishing company and the shipyard.

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

A large part of the company’s operating basis is industrial fishing, and the increasingly strict quality requirements for commercial fishing have also meant that during the design there has been a focus on RSW tanks and facilities, and the possibility of optimal cooling of the catch.

The company has been concerned with innovative solutions, and special emphasis has been placed on optimising working conditions, safety and comfort for the crew. In addition to this, great focus has been placed on the hull design and optimisation in relation to the operating profile, this with a view to the lowest possible fuel consumption in relation to transported cargo.

The hull is built in steel with two continuous decks, main deck and shelter deck as well as rear and boat decks. Deck house on the boat deck, wheelhouse, funnel and front and aft mast are built in aluminum.

The hull is built on a round frame, with a bulbous bow and the stern is made with a bend line.

Under the main deck, the hull is divided into the following watertight compartments: Forepeak, bow thruster/sonar compartment, RSW cargo section with central pump/manifold compartment, engine room with main engine connected to reduction gear with propeller in nozzle, and aft peak with tanks.

On the main deck are arranged: Forepeak, room for vacuum system, RSW cargo trunk section, with center aisle for RSW system, interior section SB, workshop and control room BB and fully aft hydraulic room with steering machine. Interior section with four 2-person hatch closets, all with their own shower/toilet and hallway and stairs.

On shelter decks, under long whalebacks: Stores in forepeak, generator room, deck stores and laboratory. Aft of the rear fish reception deck, with screening box and hatches for the 8 RSW tanks.

Aft of the full-width superstructure of the nave with interior SB and trawl workshop BB. 


Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Inside the shelter deck both vessels are fitted out with five 2 man cabins, changing rooms and hallways and stairs.
By placing the engine as far away as possible from the propeller, there is a good basis for a quiet engine that meets not only various requirements, but also, for example, the Danish Maritime Authority’s recommendations (55 dB (A) in chambers). In addition to the location itself, a number of constructive measures have been carried out with regard to noise insulation, which also contributes greatly to a low noise level.

Aft for superstructure trawl deck BB with 2 net drums side-by-side and BB fish pump. The pair have two built-in hydraulic rear doors and 2 x 3 hydraulic guide rods. 

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Anchor winches and mooring equipment are mounted on the rear deck. Two anchor winches are located inside the housing, combined with foremast and roll damper tank/breakwater.

On the boat deck, aft of the nave, is a mounted deck house with a booth, galley, day room and hallway/shared toilet. Aft of the deckhouse is fitted with 2 trawl winches and completely aft is 1 savior winch. Fully aft is situated the trawl gallows with the deck underneath.

On the boat deck is the raised wheelhouse, with instrument room and ventilation room below, as well as a built-in sunken office department.

On the bridge deck the wheelhouse has a complete 360 ° of visibility.


The design philosophy behind the main / auxiliary engine constellation is as follows:

1 detachable power take-off (PTO) is mounted on the main gear, this is intended for primary operation of the ship’s power supply via the shaft generator (2500 kW). 

For additional power supply, the vessel is equipped with 2 generator systems. The electrical system has the option of load-sharing / parallel operation of the 2 auxiliary motor generators.

During fishing, where the vessel’s winch system is used more or less continuously, the PTO of the main gear and thus the shaft generator will be engaged. When full power is required on the winches, there will be no need for full power on the main engine. The main motor will thus be used as a power source partly for propulsion and partly for the power supply. Consequently, it is not necessary to have the auxiliary motors in operation.

Should there be a desire for additional power on the propulsion system, then the auxiliary engine 1 is so large that it will be able to run the ship’s normal power supply as well as the hydraulic system in towing mode.

Since the electrical system is prepared for load-sharing / parallel coupling of the 2 generators, there will be a great deal of safety in the system, as these together will be able to cover the vessel’s power consumption in a satisfactory manner.

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
The above ensures fuel and operationally sensible operation, while at the same time achieving great operational reliability.
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden



Fuel oil ……… ………………………..… ………… ………260 m³

Fresh water ….. ……………………………. …… ……….20 m³

Technical fresh water ………………………… ………60 m³

RSW tank ……………. . ………. …… ……  …… …. 1285 m³

Tonnage ……………….… … ………… .. …… … . … ….1310 GTTest cruise speed



Length overall …… ………………………………….. 49.99 m

Length between PP …… ……… ………………… 45.00 m

Width molded ………………… …………………… …..13.20 m

Depth of shelter deck ……………….. …….… ……. 7.90 m

Depth main deck …………………… …….… ……….. 5.40 m

Scantling draft00 ……………. …………… …………7.00 m

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

Design: Karstensens Skibsværft A/S

/ average: 15.4 knots @ 2999 kW.

Class: DNV-GL + 1A Ice-C, Fishing Vessel.

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

1 x Net crane aft, 5h x 12.0 m.

Hydraulic drive/ power packs:

stations Main system :

4 x 158 kW             3 x 87 kW

Fish pump system: 3 x 87 kW

Trawl blocks Brdr Markussen, BlueLine

Anchors and chains 2 x AC-14 HHP, 1385 kg

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

Hydraulic winches, all supplied by Karmøy Winch:

2 x Trawl winch 82.0 t

2 x Net drum 110.0 t

1 x Salvation winch 51.0 t

2 x Mooring 6.0 t

1 x Net probe winch

2 x AnchorFish

Winch pump equipment supplied by Karmøy Winch:

1 x Fishing pump, 18 “

1 x Hydraulic hose1 x Fishingreel Tire

Reel hose cranes supplied by Karmøy Winch:

1 x Front tire crane, 3h x 12.5 m.


Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

Main engine: Wartsila 8L32E2, 2999 kW @ 750 rpm.

Propeller system:   Warila WCP 4D1000, d3800 mm

Reduction Gearbox: Wartsila SCV 85-P56, 750/138 rpm

Generator: AvK Cummins DSG 99 M1, 2500 kW / 3125 kVA @ 1200 rpm – water-cooled

Auxiliary Motors: 2 x Mitsubishi S6R2, 580 kWe @ supplied by Power House Gothenburg

Steering Equipment: 1 x RR Tenfjord SR662 – 170 kNm

Rudder 1 x RR Ulstein FB-H 3746 (flap ).

Side propellers: 2 x Brunvoll FU-45-LTC-1550, 700 kW / 952 HP

Starter air compressor: 2 x Barrier HL2 / 77, 30.4 m3 / h @ 30 bar

Working air compressor: 1 x Atlas-Copco GA7FF

BrO separator: Alfa Laval PA615 .

BrO transfer: pumps2 x Bombas Azcue.

BrO remote bearing: MCS.

SmO separator Alfa-Laval PA615

Pumps: Maincooling: engineBombas Azcue.

Fire, flush and bilge pumps:

Bombas Azcue.

Hydraulic, AC and other cooling water pumps:

Bombas Azcue.

Box coolers: Kelvion (main engine)

Blokland (auxiliary machinery)

(all machines and other main components are FV-cooled).

Submersible Pump & Drainage Sump: Tsurumi.

FV hydroforan facility: 2 x Bombas Azcue.

Toilet / sewage pumps: 2 x Hydro steel.

Toilet / vacuum system: Jets.

Plumbing containers: 2 x OSO Marine 17RA 300 E

FV generator:   Enwa, 3.5 m3 / 24h.

Load water separator: DVZ 1000 FSU OilChief FISH

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

RSW system: 2 x PTG Frio Nordica, 2 x 750 kW / 2 x 650,000 kCal / h.

Circulation pumps 2 x 550 cum / h

Capacitor 2 x 155 cum / h pumps

Pumps of type Bombas Azcue.

RSW circulation system with Eltorque actuated valves, controlled from C-Flow control system.

Vacuum system: C-Flow:

4 x 66 kW compressor units.

2 x 3000 l tank.

Ozone system: Normex


Life rafts: 2 x Viking, 10 pers. 

Fire alarm system: Consilium.

Central firefighting: Survitec, water mist system.


Wheelhouse interior: Karstensens Shipyard

Wheelhouse chairs: 3 x NorSap 1600 Comfort.

Layout: Maritime Mounting.

Furniture in decor: Maritime Montering / Ekornes.

Shutters: BIP.

Interior: doorsMomec door.

Ventilation system: LF Ventilation.

A / C system: LF Ventilation.

Windows: Van Wingerden.

Front windows: 19 + 6 mm laminated glass.

Wipers: 4 x Wynn.

Paint supplier: Sigma PPG.


Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

Electronic equipment (navigation, fish finding, communication) supplied by Furuno and Simrad (Sea-Mech) and installed by KS Elektro. Main components:

Matrix system: Furuno Videowall Mk2.

LF sonar: 1 x Furuno FSV-25.

MF sonar: 1 x Furuno FSV-85.

Sonar: 1 x Furuno FCV-38.

1 x Furuno FCV-1900.

1 x Furuno DFF-1.

3D sonar: WASSP F3Xi, 80 kHz

trawl sonar: 1 x Simrad FS70 / Sea-Mech

Net Monitoring: 1 x Marport

Strømlog: 1 x Furuno CI-68th

Radar, X-band: 1 x Furuno 3210 BB.

Radar, X-band: 1 x Furuno 2218 BB.

Radar 3: 1 x Furuno DRS6A NXT

Gyro: 1 x Simrad GC80.

GPS Gyro: 1 x Furuno SC-130.

Autopilot: 1 x Simrad AP80.

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden

Ecdis: 2 x Furuno 3200.

Plotter: 1 x MaxSea Time Zero.

1 x Olex.

1 x Sodena

SSB: Furuno FS-1575.

VHF equipment: 2 x Furuno FM-8900 DSC

2 x Sailor 6210.

V-set communication: Sailor 900 / Sea-Mech

Satellite tel Iridium LT-3100.

Sat-TV system: SeaTel 100 / Sea-Mech.

TV / Entertainment: Furuno Sweden.

– all equipment as blackbox, and displayed on:

Wheelhouse monitors: 55 ”Olorin, widescreen monitors.


Complete installation: KS Elektro A / S.

Alarm / monitoring: Marine Control Services (MCS), Norway.

Navigation light: Den Haan.

Searchlight: 2 x Seematz.

Tank level alarms: Mobrey.

Main board: Scantechnic.

PMS system: DEIF Delomatic 4.

Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
The Fishing Daily would like to wish Torland Fiske AB and Tor-ön Fiske AB, and the the Ahlström family many years of safe and successful fishing with their new fishing vessels: Torland and Tor-Ön.

The Fishing Daily would like to express their thanks to Kent Damgaard of Karstensens Skibsværft A/S for supplying the information and photos on these fine new fishing vessels and also congratulate them of their recent new builds.


Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden
Sisters Torland Tor-Ön Karstensens Sweden