The Fishing Daily Tech Podcast – Captain Sig Hansen off the Deadliest Catch and Helge Trettø Olsen, CEO of Resqunit joins The Fishing Daily Editor, Oliver McBride to talk about their new product.

RESQUNIT – Captain Sig Hansen and Helge Trettø Olsen talk tech

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio

On this episode of The Fishing Daily ‘Tech Talk’ Podcast, we are diving into the world of Resqunit, a Norwegian company on a mission to revolutionize the fishing industry by tackling the growing problem of lost fishing gear.

The company has developed an innovative product, aptly named RESQUNIT.

RESQUNIT is designed to reduce the financial burden on fishermen by preventing gear loss, protect the marine ecosystem, and preserve the biomass for the benefit of future generations by reducing ghost fishing.

In this episode, we’ll explore the technology behind RESQUNIT, hear first-hand experiences from renowned fisherman Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern, known from 19 seasons on the Deadliest Catch, and discuss the global impact this product is set to make on the fishing industry.

So, grab your headphones and let’s set sail on a journey to learn more about the game changing RESQUNIT!

Joining us on the show is legendary Alaskan crab fisherman and star of Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen and Helge Trettø Olsen, CEO of Resqunit.

Oliver asks Sig and Helge how did their collaboration begin and what inspired both of them to join forces in the development and launch of RESQUNIT.

Helge explains the technology behind Resqunit, how it functions to prevent gear loss, and the ways in which it will be a benefit to the fishing industry.

Oliver as Sig in his experience as a fisherman, how significant is the problem of lost fishing gear? What are the consequences of losing valuable gear?

Helge talks about the the markets RESQUNIT operates in. Oliver asks as Resqunit launches worldwide, which markets do they believe will benefit the most from its adoption and why?

Oliver asks, looking forward, what is the partnerships long-term goals for Resqunit?

“We read and hear a lot about the importance of sustainable fishing, environmental impact of lost gear, and so on. “Are these only words from politicians or is there something to it?” asks Oliver.

Turning attention to Sig Hansen and his latest ventures in Norway, Oliver asks what are his long-term plans for Norway and if he will be spending more time there? Oliver also asks if we will we be seeing a second season of the Viking Returns?

What’s the differences has Sig noted between fishing in Norway and fishing at home?

And, the Deadliest Catch has returned for Season 19, both the Red King Crab and the Snow Crab fishing are closed. How much of an impact has that been for Sig and the rest of the fleet?

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