North Atlantic Seafood Forum

Andre Aske of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum 

North Atlantic Seafood Forum inks deal with strategic partner to set new standards for digital conferences in the Seafood industry.

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“The ambition of North Atlantic Seafood Forum is to organize the best digital top executive conference in the seafood industry in 2021. NASF have secured the right platform and expertise needed to organize and deliver a digital conference on the highest level. We are happy to announce that NASF has selected Apriil as preferred solution and digital conference provider for NASF 2021 in June.”

Mr. André Akse, General Manager – North Atlantic Seafood forum.

“Apriil Event AS has proven track record, resources, capability, and the experience to NASF to convert our 15-year physical conference heritage into new exiting digital formats”, Mr. Akse continues.

The all-digital NASF conference has parallel sessions over 3 days, with leading industry experts and executives as speakers. Apriil Event AS is responsible for creating a platform with easy and intuitive navigation enabling all NASF delegates to join sessions, visit sponsor exhibitions and networking.

Sponsors of the event will also benefit from Apriil’s expertise when setting up their digital exhibition.

“For Apriil Event AS, this is a very important agreement that strengthens our path to becoming one of the leading suppliers of digital conferences and events in Norway” Harold Sletten, General Manager Apriil Event AS

About North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF):

NASF is today the world’s largest top executive Seafood Business conference for, attracting annually around 850 delegates from 35 countries and 300 companies participate. The conference addresses the seafood industry in a broad strategic and commercial perspective and focuses on species as salmon, whitefish and pelagic, but also on technology, innovation, sustainability, policy, and framework conditions, in addition to finance and investment opportunities in the industry.

About Apriil

Apriil is a cluster of agencies, within PR, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Story, Design and Event. Apriil is located in Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger and have an annual turnover of approx. NOK 60 – 70 million, divided amongst 90 employees. Apriil’s main owner is Media Bergen, which consist of approx. 35 agencies with an annual turnover of NOK 300 million.

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