Ruth HG 264 Karstensen Shipyards

The new trawler ‘Ruth’ HG 264 is being built by Karstensen Shipyards for Ruth A/S of Hirtshals, Nordylland in Denmark

Last weekend, Karstensen Shipyards launched the partially equipped hull of their new build ‘Ruth’ HG 264, from its Polish subsidiary Karstensen Shipyard Poland, which was commissioned for the Danish Karstensens Skibsværft A / S (Karstensen Shipyard) from Skagen.

The ‘Ruth’ is nearly 90 metres long and is the first launch from the yard in 2021.


The launch was carried out with the use of the imported Norwegian barge-pontoon UR5 . The hull, with a launch weight of approximately 2,300 tonnes, was placed on the multi-wheeled Scheuerle and Kamag platforms on barkopondon, which – with Ruth on board – was towed to SR Nauta. There, the actual launch took place in dock no. 4. The partially equipped fishing vessel was towed overnight, today, on Monday, January 18, to the berth and where it will be prepared and waiting to be hauled to Denmark.

Ruth HG 264 Karstensen Shipyards

The vessel with the shipyard construction number 463 was ordered from the Danish shipyard by the fishing company Ruth A / S in November 2019.

The design, interior design and layout of the new Ruth’s decks and fishing gear have been developed in close collaboration between the shipowner and the shipyard. Particular attention was paid to the optimization of working conditions and safety, as well as the comfort of the crew on board.

ruth design

Like the other pelagic vessels that Karstensens Skibsværft is building for shipowners in Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the new Ruth was also designed by the Danish shipyard’s own design office.

The main drive power will be approx. 5000 kW. The main engine will be equipped with a catalytic converter (SCR) to remove nitrogen oxides from the exhaust gases. The propeller, 4500 mm in diameter, has been optimized for the conditions of free swimming, which is to take up about 80% of the ship’s life.

The new, sixth Ruth will be equipped with electrically powered fishing winches, similar to the fifth Ruth in this respect among pelagic fishing vessels in Denmark .

The new, just launched in Gdynia, Ruth , is to be put into operation, after being equipped and finished, commissioning and sea trials performed by the Karstensens Skibsværft shipyard in Denmark, in June this year.
The trawler will mainly be employed to catch herring, mackerel and Norway pout (fish from the cod family).

The predecessor and namesake of the ship Ruth that was just launched (the sixth to be named by the same shipowner), was put into service in 2016, so it is only five years old.


Ruth HG 264 Karstensen Shipyards

Ruth HG 264 Karstensen Shipyards ( Karstensens 463 ) – basic characteristics:

  • IMO no. – 9899337
  • Fishing no. – HG 264
  • Shipowner – Ruth A / S, Hirtshals, Denmark
  • Outfitting / main contracting shipyard – Karstensens Skibsvaerft A / S, Skagen, Denmark
  • Subcontracting shipyard – supplier of partially equipped hull – Karstensen Shipyard Poland Sp. z oo, Gdynia
  • Shipyard construction number – 463
  • Launching – 17.01.2021
  • Keel laying – 07.05.2020
  • Order – 11.2019
  • Total length – 89.35 m
  • Length between perpendiculars – 80.80 m
  • Design width – 17.00 m
  • Side height to the protective deck – 9.60 m
  • Gross tonnage – 4200
  • Net capacity tonnage – 1260
  • Main propulsion power – approx. 5000 kW
  • Deck winches – electric powered 
  • Bow thrusters – 2 × 950 kW, Brunvoll combined thruster hidden in the hull / transverse tunnel thruster (“combi-thruster” / combi azimuth / tunnel thruster ) – 1 × 1479 kW, Brunvoll
  • Tank system with cooled seawater (RSW) – 2 × 1500 kW + 80 kW, Johnson Controls
    Vacuum system – 3 × 66 kW / tanks 3 × 3200 l classification – DNV-GL

Photo: Artur Tatarczuk / Port Technical Plant; Fig .: Karstensens