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Asbjørn Selsbane AS have ordered a new 39.30m spinner vessel / trawler #467 STØDIG at Karstensen Shipyard A/S to be delivered in June 2022

Shipowner Andrenas Hansen and his son Erlend from the fishing company Asbjørn Selsbane AS have ordered a new 39.30m spinner vessel / trawler at Karstensens Skibsværft A / S.

The vessel will be state-of-the-art, with everything within the latest in machinery, equipment and equipment.

The project as a whole has been created in a very close and intense collaboration between the fishing company and the shipyard.

Main dimensions:

Length everywhere 39.30 m

Width molded 11.50 m

Depth of shelter deck 6.60 m

 The fishing company Asbjørn Selsbane is well-established in the coastal fishing sector, and operates for current “Asbjørn Selsbane” with rights for pelagic and whitefish, and has previously, concurrently operated a smaller vessel, also named “STØDIG” (Steady).

The new vessel will partly replace this previous “Steady”, and operate on whitefish as well shrimp trawling. In addition, the vessel will be equipped for ocean fishing for redfish.

The ship will be equipped with tanks for live fish, and the vast majority of white fish will be delivered as freshly iced in iTubs / tub. Freezing facilities will be set up, primarily aimed at shrimp and redfish.

The shipping company Asbjørn Selsbane was originally based in Lødingen, and has been operated by the Hansen family for several generations. Andreas Hansen has run the company for 30 years, and now has too got his eldest son Erlend, who is a graduate of skipper school, on the farm. The shipping company is now based in Tromsø on Kvaløy. This project is the fourth new construction project, by  Andreas Hansen is in charge.


An aerial view of Karstensens Shipyard

The company expresses satisfaction that it has reached the end of this agreement with Karstensens Shipyard, and looks forward to getting started with the construction. Shipping and Shipyard have through many years worked well together – thus the innovative and current “Asbjørn was built Selsbane ”at Karstensens Skibsværft in 2013.

Precisely the result of the design and construction of “Asbjørn Selsbane” has given good reason to continue the collaboration, where the Company’s knowledge, experience, wishes and requirements have been supplemented by the Shipyard’s input and design.

The new vessel is designed with a lot of correspondence in relation to “Asbjørn Selsbane”, thus the two vessels will complement each other in the best possible way, and provide optimal utilization of the company’s quotas.

Karstensens Skibsværft welcomes the trust the shipping company shows. It is always with great pleasure that the Yard welcomes customers back! With this contract, the Shipyard has 14 ships in the order book for delivery over the next 2 years.


Karstensens Shipyard is on of the leading manufactuerers of pelagic fishing vessels in the world

Over the coming weeks, suppliers for main components will be determined. There will be from the company’s side a focus on quality, innovation and reliability.

The vessel is planned to be equipped with electric winches for the best possible efficiency and thus the least possible environmental impact. 

The propulsion system is also designed to reduce the environmental impact the most possible. Extensive studies and assessments of various solutions have thus been made.

New STØDIG will be delivered in June 2022. The hull of the new vessel will be built at Karstensen Shipyard Poland.

 Source: Press Release

New Order STØDIG for Asbjørn Selsbane AS from Karstensen Shipyard

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