champion trawl door morgére

The new Champion Trawl Door from Morgére

Morgère has developed a versatile new trawl door – Champion – which the company describes as one of the most powerful demersal doors on the market, offering the benefits of a wide net opening, good fuel economy and ease of operation.

Skippers fishing with the new Champion door have been delighted by the performance, praising its stable operation and simplicity in use and setting up. Despite having only recently been launched onto the market, several sets of Champion doors have already been sold to skippers in Spain and France, and other sets are in production.

Designed by Morgère’s specialist marine engineers, high quality steel is used throughout the construction process, which ensures the doors are robust and long lasting. The fishtail shape at the rear of the door provides excellent stability, and the powerful design enables a reduced surface area that benefits fuel consumption.

Pascal Reverseau, managing director of Morgère, says : “Champion is an exciting new concept in trawl door manufacture, and we are thrilled that it has performed so well during fishing operations. This is a door that offers many benefits – and skippers particularly like its ease of operation, which is particularly important when fishing in challenging sea conditions.”

champion trawl door morgére

Champion produced for the vessel Igildo and its Captain Alberto Beagle

A further advantage of the design is its customisable size and weight, which means it can be utilised by both small and large trawlers. Furthermore, the inherent stability of the door ensures it is suitable for any type of demersal fishery around the world.

Pascal Reverseau adds : “Innovation and new product development are at the heart of the Morgère operation, and the Champion trawl door provides the perfect complement to our existing range of high performing  doors, including Exocet New and Osprey New. ”

One of the keys to the success of Morgère is the intensive and sophisticated research work which lies behind the design and development of their trawl doors.

Morgère will be promoting the new Champion trawl door at the forthcoming DanFish International 2023 event in Aalborg (10 – 12 October) and at Itechmer in Lorient (11 to 13 October).

Source: Press Release

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