new Börkur delayed covid-19

The new Börkur is under construction at the Karstensens shipyard in Poland but has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

In the fall of 2018, the board of the Síldarvinnslan decided to have a new ship built, an advanced modern vessel designed for both midwater trawling and purse-seine netting.

A contract for the new ‘Börkur’ was signed with Danish company Karstensens Skibsværft AS for the construction and it was initially planned that the ship would be delivered to the Síldarvinnslan company by the end of 2020 or by early spring of 2021.  

‘Börkur’ is of another two sister vessels that Karstensen’s shipbuilding has under construction for Icelandic companies. The other ship is the ‘Vilhelm Þorsteinsson’, which is being built for Samherji hf. ‘Vilhelm Þorsteinsson’ will be delivered ahead of Börkur and its construction is expected to be completed later this year.

The new ‘Börkur’ will be 88 metres LOA, with a beam of 16.6 metres and a draught of 9.6 meters. The size of the ship will be 4,100 gross tonnes. The main engines will be two 3,600 kw each and the ship’s axle clearance will be 3,500 kw. The ship will have an 820 kw auxiliary engine. To cool the catch there are two systems in the vessel, each 1,500 kw, but the total cooling tanks will be 13 and they will be a total of 3,420 cubic meters. Accommodations in the ship will accommodate 16 people. The cost of construction of a new ship is estimated at ISK 4.5 billion (€28.5 million)

“The development of the fishing industry is rapid and it is important that Icelandic fisheries companies utilize the technology that is gaining ground at any given time. In light of this, Síldarvinnslan has paid special attention to its fleet and its subsidiaries recently, and the construction of Berki is part of its renewal,” says Síldarvinnslan 

This new ‘Börkur’ will be the fifth ship owned by the Síldarvinnslan company which bears the name. The company purchased the first ‘Börkur’ in 1966. All these ships have proved to be popular and have made many memories in their history. The current Bork, which has proved to be a very successful ship, will move on when the new one releases him. The current ‘Börkur’ was built in Turkey in 2012, but Síldarvinnslan acquired it in 2014. The ship is 80.3 metres long, 17 metres wide and 3,588 gross tonnes in size.   

Gunnþór B. Ingvason, Managing Director of Síldarvinnslan, says that the construction of a new ‘Börkur’ is an exciting project that fits well with the company’s vision. He emphasises that there are great fluctuations in pelagic fishing and it is important to have perfect vessels capable of transporting good raw material ashore to ensure maximum value creation. He also points out that the effort in the blue whiting is long and it is largely caught in international waters.

In fishing like this it is important to have large and powerful vessels that can handle difficult situations. All the technical equipment and equipment on board the new ship will be as it will be the best and the new ship will be more economical and load-bearing than the current ‘Börkur’.

The current ship’s capacity is 2,500 cubic meters, while the new ship’s capacity will be just over 3,400 cubic meters. Gunnþór says that they have been well acquainted with the pelagic vessels that have been built in recent years and it has been made clear that a ship from Karstensens has been extremely successful, as there is considerable experience in the pelagic construction of the company.

He says that all cooperation with Karstensen has been good and it is pleasing to monitor how the ship’s construction progresses. 

 Source: Síldarvinnslan hf.

The new ‘Börkur’

new ‘Börkur'

new borkur

new borkur

New Börkur is being delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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