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Seamus Rogers in the wheelhouse of the Amberlisa UL 30. 

meet the skipper rogers

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Meet the Skipper – Seamus Rogers from Donegal, Ireland is the co-skipper and co-owner on the Ullapool registered Amberlisa UL 30. 

The ‘Amberlisa’ is a viver-crabber which was built by Arklow Marine Services and launched in May this year.

Both Seamus and co-skipper/owner Jason Coyle had a big input into the layout of the boat which was designed by Ian Paton of SC McAllister & Company. 

After a short-stint fishing off the west coast of Scotland, the ‘Amberlisa’ moved to the North Sea and began fishing from Hvide Sande on the west coast of Denmark.  Seamus volunteered to be our first interviewee on our ‘Meet the Skipper’ series.  

Fishing Daily: How long have you been fishing? 

Seamus Rogers: I have been fishing for eight years on and off. 


FD: What was the first boat you fished on? 

SR: Peadar Elaine owned by McBride Fishing Company of Downings (Co Donegal). 


FD: How old were you when you become a skipper? 

SR: I became a skipper at 27. 


FD: What boats have you worked on as a skipper? 

SR: Cotton Rose, Mary Ellen, Annie, Sanmar II and the Celtic Dawn II. 


FD: What is your favourite thing about being a skipper? 

SR: Everything; rough seas, calm seas, whatever comes.   


FD: What was the first car you had? 

SR: Mitsubishi Colt (nicked-named the ‘Passion Wagon’).   


FD: Looking back now, what was it really like? 

SR: Brilliant experience and enjoyed every bit of it. 

meet the skipper rogers

FD: If you don’t what other sport do you follow? 

SR: I like a lot of other sports; tarmac rallying, bike road racing, boxing, darts, snooker, and more but I’d rather participate than watch. 

I like golf but I haven’t got around to starting it yet.   


FD: What’s your favourite movie? 

SR: Gladiator, Braveheart, Shutter Island.   


FD: What music/band do you listen to and what is the best song ever? 

SR: Robin Schulz – Headlights. 


FD: What is your favourite dinner? (just so the cook will know what to make you on your birthday) 

SR: A Steak Dinner or a Seafood Platter. 


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The Fishing Daily would like to thank Seamus Rogers for taking part in Meet the Skipper

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Meet the Skipper – Seamus Rogers

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