meet skipper luke selvey

Meet the Skipper – Luke Selvey from Brixham, Devon has volunteered to be our next skipper in our ‘Meet the Skipper‘ series here at The Fishing Daily.

Luke is co-skipper on the ‘Emilia Jayne‘ BM10 and fishes for the Emilia Jayne Fishing Ltd, Brixham.

The ‘Emilia Jayne’ is a 23 metre beam trawler that operates mainly from Brixham but spends some summer months in Plymouth. The Emilia Jayne’  tows 9 metre beam trawls mostly but also dredges scallops or can opt over to 4 metre beam trawls.

Fishing Daily: How long have you been fishing?

Luke Selvey: This will be my 20th year fishing, left school and went straight to sea. Fishing from Brixham has been in my family for generations.

FD: What was the first boat you fished on?

LS: During the school holidays, my brother used to take me on the ‘Korenbloem’ LT535. My first fishing job was on ‘Onze Linquenda’ BM202. Both sadly not ing these days.

FD: When did you become a skipper and how old were you?

LS: Became skipper of smaller boats in my late 20’s. Been co-skipper of Emilia Jayne for the past three years and before that I was mate for three years.

FD: What boats have you worked on as a skipper?

LS: Emulate BM1, Speculate BM34, Pisces and the Emilia Jayne BM10

FD: What is your favourite thing about being a skipper?

LS: The buzz when you see the money coming aboard, the crew are happy.. Skipper happy. Boss happy!!  

FD: What’s the biggest catch you’ve had?

LS: We work a 6 day trips. £47.000 has been the best, not bad for a 23 metre boat!

FD: What’s your past time(s) outside fishing?

LS: Family and kids!

meet skipper luke selvey
meet skipper luke selvey
meet skipper luke selvey

FD: What type of car do you drive now?

LS: We have a Vauxhall Zafira as a family car.

FD: Is it fast?

LS: Wife like to think it is!!

FD: Do you follow football?

LS: Not really a follower any more but I like to see Arsenal win! 

FD: If you do, what team do you support and where do you think they will finish in their league at the end of this season?

LS: Think they’ll finish mid table.

FD: What other sport do you follow?

LS: More of a rugby fan. Nice to see Exeter Chiefs doing well.

FD: What’s your favourite movie?

LS: Got to be Perfect Storm.

FD: What music/band do you listen to and what is the best song ever?

LS: Anything!! Into Stormzy at the moment. Much prefer music than the colourful noisey box in the corner.

FD: What is your favourite dinner? (just so the cook will know what to make you on your birthday)

LS:I’m a big lad!! I’ll eat most things, a good home cooked roast beef dinner has got to be a winner.

Who will you volunteer next for our Meet the Skipper Q&A?

The Fishing Daily would like to thank Luke Selvey for taking part in Meet the Skipper

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Meet the Skipper – Luke Selvey from Brixham trawler Emilia Jane

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