Marin Teknikk advanced fishing vessel

Marin Teknikk will design and deliver engineering for an advanced autoline fishing vessel to the shipping company Austral Fisheries

Marin Teknikk AS has entered into a new major contract for an advanced Fishing Vessel

The vessel’s area of operation will be in “The Roaring Forties and The Furious Fifties”.

Marin Teknikk will design and deliver engineering for an autoline fishing vessel to the shipping company Austral Fisheries, which is one of Australia’s largest fisheries companies. The shipping company has entered into a contract for the construction of the vessel with Båtbygg AS in Måløy, Norway.

Marin Teknikk AS has entered into a contract with Båtbygg for the delivery of Design & Engineering for the vessel, which is a further development of an earlier longliner design developed and delivered by Marin Teknikk. The fishing will take place in the the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica and will be equipped with an interior for 33 persons.

The MT1115-L design is an advanced autoline longliner vessel, developed for demanding operations worldwide and will have a length of just below 70 meters and a beam of 14.6 meters. The vessel will be built with a high accommodation standard for the crew. The hull lines are a further development of the hull of m.s. “Østerfjord”, which is also an another MT-Design and was delivered to owners at Austevoll back in 2022. That is the world biggest combined Longliner & Danish Seine vessel, which has given good feedback from Austevoll to Herøy.

The Longline will be pulled through a “moon-pool” located in the middle of the vessel so that the crew is protected from weather and wind, which is a great advantage as the vessel must operate in waters with very harsh weather conditions. She will operated all the way down to the ice edge in the Southern Oceans. Around the Heard and McDonald Islands which lie to the south and west of Australia. “The vessel will operate in some of the world’s toughest fishing waters,” says the shipping owner.

Furthermore, the vessel will be ready and adapted to technology where emissions of greenhouse gases will be greatly reduced. When the new regulations for Australia are ready, the vessel and the engines to be installed in the vessel will be equipped to use “green methanol” and with emission reduction of e.g. CO2 of 70 – 80% compared to vessels that are in operation today.

Båtbygg in Måløy will deliver the vessel at the end of 2025. With a background in a fishing vessel where the yard was responsible for construction and delivery in 2020, they have built strong relations with the ship owner which has emphasized the good experience they have with each other.

“It is very gratifying that the contract is being awarded to a Norwegian-owned shipyard and ship designer whose owners have a residential address in Norway,” says Svein-R. Gjerde.

With this project, Marin Teknikk has designed a cost-effective and functional Longliner vessel with a high focus on safety for the crew. Marin Teknikk are continously designing environmentally friendly, modern and advanced fishing vessels. The vessel will be built according to Bureau Veritas (BV), class with high ice class.

Marin Teknikk advanced fishing vessel

MT personnel, examine the area where the vessel will operate: ‘The Roaring Forties’ and ‘The Furious Fifties

“We are very happy to sign this contract”, says Svein-Rune Gjerde in Marin Teknikk. “We have worked closely with this company for one year to develop and adapt the vessel according to owner requirements and wishes. With this new contract, we believe that it once again shows Marin Teknikk’s strong position in the fishing Longliner market and that we are among the world’s leading designers of advanced fishing vessels for operations in the toughest areas in the world. We have delivered several such designs to, among others, Ervik Havfiske and Argos, which operates in the Southern Ocean, all the way down to the Antarctic.

As there have not been many new contracts for fishing vessels signed this year in Norway, this is particularly pleasing to announce to the employees at Marin Teknikk and to several Norwegian subcontractors. It is the knowledge of the company’s employees that is one of the reasons why we are chosen to deliver design and engineering to a ship owner on the other side of the globe and to a vessel to fulfill great demands. We look forward to an interesting and good collaboration with both shipyard and shipowner”.

Earlier this year, Marin Teknikk signed several conversion contracts on existing vessels. The last one was a major contract now in August for MT design that will be converted to a cable vessel for a shipping company in Japan (NTT-WEM). This project will also be carried out at the Norwegian shipyard – Green Yard Kleven in Ulsteinvik. This contract secures more work for Marin Teknikk’s naval architects and engineers in Norway and Poland for 2023 and parts of 2024. Marin Teknikk AS is also working on several new and exciting designs for the Fishing industry, Offshore Wind/Energy market as well as several new R&D projects.

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