Karstensens Shipyard will build a new 83.00 m Pelagic Purser/Trawler 'HARGUN' for Norwegian company Hargun Havfiske AS

Karstensens Shipyard will build a new 83.00 m Pelagic Purser/Trawler ‘HARGUN’ for Norwegian company Hargun Havfiske AS

# 4 8 1 – ” H A R G U N ”

The shipping company Hargun Havfiske AS has ordered a new 83.00 m combined purser/trawler from Karstensens Skibsværft A/S. 

Karstensens Shipyard Skagen

The vessel is to be delivered March 2025.

The shipping company was established by John and Rolf Garvik in 1955.

Today, the shipping company is managed/owned by the next generation; Jonny Garvik, Gunveig Seim and Rune Garvik.  And subsequent generation is also active on board; Torgeir Seim and Jonn Garvik, who both have a long speed time in the shipping company, are now both skippers on today’s “Hargun”.  The current “Hargun” was taken over by the Shipping Company as a new building from Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri in 1999.

The shipping company is well structured with quotas, and operates with combined trawl and purse seine fishing, where the trawl fishery consists primarily of blue whiting (Norwegian: Kolmule) fishing west of Ireland.  Other fishing for primarily herring and mackerel is conducted with purse seines. The new vessel will be operated according to the same principles.  The outlook and the positive results of recent years made it a natural choice to invest in new construction.

karstensens HAGUN

For many years, the shipping company and shipyard have worked well together with maintenance tasks on today’s “Hargun”

Karstensens Shipyard is humble and happy about the loyalty and trust Hargun Havfiske AS, shows by contracting their new ship in Skagen.

The overall new building concept has been assessed by the Shipping Company as both economical and, not least, technically very attractive.   Likewise, it has been the Company’s power to have full influence throughout the design phase, so that the project will be tailored exactly to the wishes and requirements of the Shipping Company. 

karstens shipyard purser/trawler hagun

Design, interior design and events have thus been created in a very close collaboration between Rederi and Værft.  The shipping company has been concerned with innovative and optimized solutions. Special attention has been   paid   to optimizing working conditions, safety and comfort for the crew.

Like the other pelagic vessels that the shipyard has under construction for shipowners in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, new “Hargun” is also of its own design.

A number of suppliers are   currently selected, all based on criteria such as sustainability, energy optimization, innovation, quality and reliability.

The Winch plant has already been contracted at Karmøy Winch, the hydraulic system has been proven and provides great reliability.

Just like on the current “Hargun”, on the new ship there will also be a large contribution from Norwegian suppliers.

The complete propulsion plant has been carefully assessed and calculated on the basis of the exact operating profile of the Shipping Company. In accordance with the desire to carry out a sustainable fishery with minimal NOX/CO2 emissions per kg of fish caught, the fall has been chosen on a fuel-optimised plant package with 2 main engines each of 3600 kW.  By far the largest part of the operating time, the ship will be powered by one engine, which will thereby operate in an optimal area.

As part of the propulsion system, the propeller system is optimized for the operating pattern, where most (about 80%) of the time is free-sailing, with a large, single propeller with diameter of  4500 mm.

karstensens shipyard purser/trawler hagun

New ” Hargun” is due to be delivered in March 2025.

The main dimensions of the vessel:

Overall length: 83.00 m

Width moulded: 16.20 m

Depth 2nd deck: 8,65 m


Other technical data:

Gear-propeller plant: Brunvoll Volda

Auxiliary machinery: Scania 2 x 600 kW

Side propellers: 2 x Brunvoll, 1400 kW

Winch equipment: Karmøy Winch

Karstensens Shipyard will build a new 83.00 m Pelagic Purser/Trawler 'HARGUN' for Norwegian company Hargun Havfiske AS

Karstensens Shipyard signs to build new purser/trawler ”HARGUN”

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