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The new pelagic trawler Sillie Marie to be designed and built by Karstensens Shipyard

Sille Marie AS, Kristiansand and Karstensens Shipyard, Skagen, have signed a contract for the design, construction and delivery of a new 65.90 m pelagic trawler.

Sille Marie AS is based in Søgne, near Kristiansand in Norway, and is owned by three brothers Aamodt: Carl, Tom Arne and Yngvar, on the one hand, and the Salthaug family, with Bastian, Tobias, Yngvar and Bent, on the other. The vessel will be the company’s first new building, and will replace the current “Sille Marie”, which was purchased from Sweden in 2011.

Karstensens Shipyard Skagen
Karstensens Shipyard Skagen
sillie marie trawler karstensens

The company is managed by Carl Aamodt in collaboration with skippers Bastian and Yngvar Salthaug.

The company operates with combined trawling, pelagic for herring and mackerel and for industrial fish combined with fish for human consumption/whitefish. The new vessel shall operate in accordance with the same principles.

The company welcomes the fact that this agreement has been reached with Karstensens Shipyard and is looking forward to getting started with the construction.

The contact is based on an established and good cooperation between Shipping company and Shipyard.

Karstensen Shipyard welcomes the confidence Aamodt and Salthaug have shown with this order.

New “Sille Marie” is of the yard’s own design, and the vessel is tailored to the company’s needs, but with an extraordinary focus on reduced emissions, and a green operating profile.

The project is full-spec with innovative, green and bearable solutions, and special attention has been paid to optimizing working conditions, safety and comfort for the crew. Experience from the Company’s current ship and the Yard’s portfolio has been discussed carefully and assessed during the design process.

Throughout the design and specification process, there has been a very strong focus on the ship’s operating profile, optimization of fuel consumption and thus reduced emissions.

The green profile is particularly well handled in the form of full spill cleaning, hull design and integration with a particularly large, slow-moving propeller, which has been the subject of much investigation and optimization, in close cooperation with the supplier of the propulsion plant, MAN Energy Solutions.

In addition, the vessel is equipped with a large battery pack, which will reduce consumption at active peakshaving as well as provide extra power in critical operating lines.

The vessel is further designed with electric wincher, which in all utility condiments regenerate excess energy for the battery pack, electric fish pumps, heat recovery from all engines, LED lighting everywhere as well as a number of other measures to ensure possible energy consumption.

sillie marie trawler karstensens

The electric winch system is rigged for two trawls with three winches and four net drums. In addition, two pumping stations on the stern ship, SB or BB, are organized for double pumping of the catch. Fish pumps are also of an electric type.

The ship is further arranged with a state-of-the art fish factory, with maximum focus on efficient working and gentle fish treatment, for the vessel’s catch of whitefish for human consumption.

A number of suppliers are currently selected, all based on criteria such as energy optimization, innovation, quality and operational safety.

The propulsion system will consist of a MAN main engine of 2920 kW with large, slow-moving propellers measuring a diameter of 4.70 meters, adapted to the ship’s exact operating profile. The size and speed of the propeller represent a groundbreaking choice, and it is expected that the ship will be able to operate with a very good energy efficiency, which will set a new standard in the industry.

New “Sille Marie” is to be delivered and put into operation from 1 June 2023.

The contract amount is about NOK 305m (€29.4m), of which about NOK 30m (€2.9m) can be attributed to emissions and environmental promotion measures.

sillie marie trawler karstensens

Main dimensions of the vessel:

Length overall: 65.90 m

Width moulded: 14.00m

Depth shelter deck: 8.00 m

Loading capacity: 1550 m3

Other technical data:

Main engine: MAN 8L27/38, 2920 kW

Gears and propellers: MAN, d4700 mm

Winch Plant: Electric

Side thrusters: 2 x 700 kW

RSW Plant: 2 x 850 kW

Karstensens Shipyard signs contract to deliver new trawler SILLE MARIE

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