The new flyshooter/seinenetter netter Polarbris to be designed and built by Karstensens Shipyard

The new flyshooter/seine-netter netter Polarbris to be designed and built by Karstensens Shipyard

#473 – “POLARBRIS” 

Shipowner Kjell-Gunnar Hoddevik and partners Johnny Årvik and Jan-Ove Langeland of the fishing company Polarbris AS have ordered a new 43.50m flyshooter/seine- netter at Karstensens Skibsværft A/S. 

The vessel becomes state-of-the-art, with everything within the latest of machinery, equipment and equipment. The project as a whole has been carried out in a very close and intense collaboration between fishing company and shipyard. 

Polarbris AS / Atlantic Longline AS belongs to Atlantic Seafish AS, which is well-established in the Norwegian fishing nutrition, and currently operates the very new “Atlantic”, Norway’s largest and first combined seine-netter and Danish-seine vessel. The company has a double quota set and therefore an additional vessel is needed. 

The new flyshooter/seinenetter netter Polarbris to be designed and built by Karstensens Shipyard

The fishing company Atlantic was founded in 1997 by Kjell-Gunnar Hoddevik and Johnny Årvik, and is based in Ålesund. The shipping company started operating an older lineboat, “Fernando”. The first “Polarbris” was purchased in 2000. Subsequently, the company has had 6 different vessels, and took the latest delivery of the first newbuilding in 2020, namely “Atlantic” delivered from Turkey. 

The company welcomes the fact that this agreement has been reached with Karstensens Shipyard and is looking forward to getting started with the construction. This is the first time shipping and shipyards have worked together, but already in the initial stages there has been good and constructive dialogue, which bodes well for future cooperation. 

Karstensens Shipyard welcomes the trust the company shows – and thus welcomes new customers. 

With this contract, The Yard has 14 newbuildings in the order book for delivery over the next 2 years. In 2021 alone, Karstensens Shipyard has delivered 8 newbuildings, all tailored to the wishes and requirements of the individual shipowners. 

plarbris for atlantic as /polarbris as

The vessel is planned equipped with electric winches for the best possible efficient and thus minimum environmental impact. 

The propulsion plant is also designed to minimise the environmental impact. Thus, extensive studies and assessments of various solutions have been carried out. 

Like “Atlantic”, new “Polarbris” will also be equipped with Brunvoll submersible thruster / Azimuth in the front ship. 

The new vessel will be furnished with advanced factory from company Bjørdal. 

Freezer and refrigeration systems must be supplied by company Teknotherm. 

All mentioned Norwegian companies have had good and long relations with the fishing company. 

Over the coming weeks, suppliers for the remaining main components will be determined. The company will focus on quality, innovation and reliability.

Karstensens Shipyard denmark polarbris

Main dimensions of the vessel: 

Overall length 43.50m 

Bredde moulded 11,50 m 

Depth shelterdæk 6,60 m 

The new POLARBRIS will be delivered in August 2023. The hull of the new flyshooter will be built at Karstensen Poland Shipyard. 

Karstensens Shipyard Skagen
Karstensens Shipyard Skagen