Karstensens Shipyard HAVfisk  pelagic trawler

The new purse-seiner/trawler “Havfisk” to be built by Karstensens Shipyard

#477 – “Havfisk”

Norwegian fishing company Havfisk AS and Karstensens Shipyard have signed contracts for the design and construction of a 75.10 m combined purse-seiner/trawler.

Havfisk AS is a subsidiary of Veibust Fishing Cap. Veibust Fishing Cap owns and operates the two purse-seine/trawlers “Havskjer” and “Havstål”. The new vessel will therefore be operated together with the company’s current two vessels.

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Havfisk AS was established in 1993 and in 2000 had its first new building delivered. This new vessel will be the company’s fourth new build. The company is operated and owned by Henning Veibust and the home port is Ålesund in Norway.

The company operates with combined trawling and purse-seine fishing, where trawling consists primarily of blue whiting (Norwegian: Kolmule) fishing west of Ireland. Other fishing for mainly herring and mackerel is operated with purse seines. The new vessel shall operate in accordance with the same principles.

The company welcomes the fact that this agreement has been reached with Karstensens Shipyard and is looking forward to getting started with the construction.

In recent years, shipping company and Shipyard have worked closely together on several major projects. First was the conversion of current “Havstål” into combined seine and trawl fishing. Next, the same ship was rebuilt with NOx reducing measures.

Most recently, newbuilding “Havskjer” was handed over in early 2021 by Karstensen Shipyard.

This new project is therefore a naturally extension of the successful and constructive cooperation with both conversion and newbuilding.

Karstensen Shipyard welcomes the trust shown by Henning Veibust. Like the other pelagic vessels that the Shipyard has under construction for shipowners in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland and Denmark, new “Havfisk” are also of their own design.

Karstensens Shipyard HAfisk trawler  pelagic trawler

Karstensens Shipyard has with new “Havfisk”, a total of 16 pelagic fishing vessels on the order book for delivery over the next 3 years.

Design, interior design and arrangements have been made based on the template, which Shipping company and Shipyard together developed on new “Havskjer”, and which have proven to work very efficiently.

Safety and working conditions are especially catered for by the fact that “Havfisk”, like “Havskjer”, will have the entire cargo deck as waterproof. In addition, the wood deck aft is raised an entire floor, with the aim of increasing the free board and thus safety.

In addition to this, a great focus has been placed on the hull design, and optimisation in relation to the “Havfisk” operating profile, this with the lowest possible fuel consumption in mind. In addition, the vessel is equipped with heat recovery from all engines, LED lighting everywhere and several measures to ensure possible energy consumption.

A number of suppliers are currently selected, all on the basis of criteria such as energy optimisation, innovation, quality and reliability.

The winch plant is already contracted by Karmøy Winch, who also supplied “Havskjer”. The hydraulic system has been thoroughly tested and provides great reliability.

The propulsion system will be supplied by Wartsila, and will consist of a main engine of about 5200 kW. The system is equipped with take-me-home function, which enables diesel-electric navigation. The main engine is Wartsila’s award-winning, energy-efficient 31 model.

There will be a number of Norwegian and partly local suppliers for new “Havfisk”, including Brunvoll, Nogva, PTG Frio Nordica and C-Flow.

New “Havfisk” is to be delivered in February 2024. The contract sum is about NOK 375m (€38m/£31.7m).

Main dimensions of the vessel:

Overall length: 75.10m

Width moulded: 16.20m

Depth upper deck: 11.25 m

Other technical data:

Main engine: Wartsila 8V31, 5200 kW

Auxiliary motors: 3 x Scania DI16, 600 kWe

RSW plant: PTF Frio Nordica, 2 x 1500 kW

Winch plant: Karmøy Winch

Side thrusters: Brunvoll, 2 x 1400 kW

Vacuum plant: 4 x 87 kW / 2 x 4200 l tank