FINNUR FRÍÐI karstensens shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard have signed a new 88.00 m Pelagic Purse-Seine/Trawler FINNUR FRÍÐI to Krossbrekka P/F from Gøtu in the Faroe Islands


The fishing company Krossbrekka P/F from Gøtu in the Faroe Islands and Karstensens Shipyard A/S have signed a new 88.00 m Pelagic Purse-Seine/Trawler.

Karstensens Shipyard Skagen

The vessel comes state-of-the-art, with everything within the latest of machinery, equipment and equipment.

The project as a whole has been set up in a very close and intense cooperation between fishing company and shipyard.

The fishing company Krossbrekka is part of the Varðin group. Varðin was established in 1985 by 16 members from Gøtu in the Faroe Islands. The newly established shipping company then commissioned the first newbuilding, Tróndur í Gøtu, which was delivered in 1986. After a rough start, the shipping company has been steadily built up, and today owns 4 pelagic ships: Tróndur í Gøtu, Gøtunes, Tummas T and current Finnur Fríði. Current Tróndur í Gøtu is second in line, and built at Karstensens Shipyard in 2010.

Current Finnur Fríði is second in line, and was delivered from Norwegian shipyard in 2003. This ship has been very efficient, and among the absolute leaders in the Faroe Islands.

For many years, well-known Arni Hansen has been skipper of Finnur Fríði, but today, the job is shared with others.

In addition to the shipping operation itself, Varðin now also operates its own pelagic factory at Suderøy in the Faroe Islands. In addition, Varðin is involved in a number of other farms, including the shipping company Faroe Origin, which operates 6 freshfish trawlers.

As suggested above, the company operates pelagic fishing, including blue whiting, herring, mackerel and capelin. The new vessel shall operate in accordance with the same principles.

Varðin welcomes the opportunity to build a new ship again in close cooperation with Karstensens Shipyard. The entire shipping company welcomes the agreement and to get started with the construction.

FINNUR FRÍÐI karstensens shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard say they are humble and happy with the loyalty and trust that Varðin shows in contracting this ship in Skagen. It is a great pleasure for the shipyard to be allowed to work again with this forward-thinking and innovative shipping company, which has been one of the absolute leaders in the Faroe Islands and the entire North Atlantic for many years.

The cooperation between Varðin and Karstensens Shipyard also stretches back decades: Before the construction of Tróndur í Gøtu, the Shipping Company has carried out a number of maintenance tasks at the shipyard in Skagen. And as far back as the late 1970s, the company’s nestor Tummas Thomsen, together with other partners, had been in Skagen for the extension of Jupiter.

Fishing company and shipyard have worked intensively together in recent months, to create a concept that the fishing company, has assessed as both economic and not least technically extremely attractive. It has been important for the Company to have full influence throughout the design phase, so that the project is tailored exactly to the wishes and requirements of the Company.

The company has been engaged in innovative and optimized solutions, partly based on the very positive operation of recent years at present Finnur Fríði. Special attention has been paid to optimising working conditions, safety and comfort for the crew.

In recent months, fishing company and shipyard have used many resources, together with potential suppliers, to find the optimal propulsion facility for the new vessel. Virtually all sorts of concepts and constellations have been calculated and assessed before the final concept was decided.

The entire ship’s concept, and not just propulsion facilities or winches, is carefully assessed and calculated on the basis of the Company’s exact operating profile. The company’s stated goal is to carry out sustainable fishing with minimal NOX/CO2 emissions per kg of fish caught. This has resulted in a well thought out and well-calculated combination of new solutions and proven events that together provide the most operational and climate-optimised project.

Like the other pelagic vessels that the Shipyard has under construction for shipowners in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, new Finnur Fríði is also of their own design.

As for the choice of suppliers and components, a number of these will finally be selected in the coming weeks. Here, too, the company will focus on sustainability, quality, innovation and reliability.

The hull for the new Finnur Fríði will be built at Karstensens Shipyard, Poland, and the finished ship will be delivered in January 2024.

The contract price is around DKK 340million (€45.7m/£38.5m), and thus the most valuable contract entered into by Karstensens Shipyard on any fishing vessel.

FINNUR FRÍÐI karstensens shipyard

Main dimensions of the vessel:

Overall length: 88.00 m

Width moulded: 16.50 / 17.50 m

Depth 2-deck: 8.85 m


Other technical data:

Side thrusters: Brunvoll, 1400 kW

Submersible combo thruster: Brunvoll, 1479 kW

RSW plant: 3 x 1100 kW + 80 kW