CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM Karstensen Shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard has delivered the new purser/trawler CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM to owners Rasmussen from Klaksvík, Faroe Islands

Newbuilding 466 “CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM” was handed over to owners family Rasmussen og Klaksvík, Faroe Islands on 4 March 2022 from Karstensen Shipyard.  

The hull for “CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM” was built by Karstensen Shipyard Poland in Gdynia, and arrived in Skagen in July 2021. 

The new “CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM” replaces Bogi Rasmussens previous command of the same name. In addition to the new vessel, the owners also operates the pelagic freezer “NORDBORG”, commanded by Jón Rasmussen. 

The vessel design, specification and arrangements is a result of an extensive and close cooperation between owners and yard where all solutions are optimized and tailor made to suit skipper Bogi Rasmussens and his crews specific re quirements. 

 CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM Karstensens Shipyard

The new 89.35M metre CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM built by Karstensens Shipyard


The hull is built in steel with two continuous decks; main deck and shelter deck, and with long forecastle- and boat decks. Wheelhouse, boat decks, funnel and masts are built in aluminium. 

Hull shape of round bilge construction with bulbous bow and stern skeg, vertical wave-piercer stem and transom stern. 

Below main deck the hull is subdivided into the following watertight compartments: Forepeak, bow thruster-/sonar room, insulated RSW-tank section with 16 tanks and central RSW pump- and manifold room, engine room with main engine connected to reduction gearbox with one, ducted propeller and aftpeak with fuel- and lub oil tanks. 

On main deck the hull is arranged with: Forepeak, store (1) room, RSW-hold/trunk section with central corridors, forward containing vacuum tank room and midship RSW-machinery room. Abaft hold section SB engine workshop and engine store, PS/CL engine control room with engineers changing room and switchboard room. Abaft this, central trawl-/net storage tanks and PS trawl stores. All aft hydraulic room with steering gear.  

 CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM Karstensens Shipyard

On shelter deck arrangement is: Upper forepeak, generator room and room for water maker (RO-plant), roll damping tanks at full width. Abaft these fully enclosed loading deck with centre deck house with RSW-control room. Loading deck to incorporate hatches for the 16 RSW-tanks. Water separator is built in aluminium with SS loading pipe to each tank. 

Abaft midship, full width superstructure. Accommodation in superstructure with: oil skins room, changing room, coffee bar and stairways and corridors.  

Abaft superstructure large trawl deck with 2 net drums side-by-side slightly off-set to PS and purse net bin SB, recessed into shelter deck. At transom 2 hydraulic stern gates and hydraulic operated guiding pins. On sides of trawl deck, hydraulic workshop PS and trawl deck store / workshop PS. 


On boat deck 01, forepeak stores (3) and forecastle stores (4). Abaft of this pursing deck with 2 purse winches CL/PS. On boat deck 01, deckhouse fully encloses water separator. 

On boat deck 01 abaft midship, deck house in PS. Accommodation in deck house: 5 1-2 man cabins, all with en-suite toilet/shower facilities, laundry and stairways and corridors. 

CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM Karstensens Shipyard

In order to create best possible design for low noise, the accommodation is located as far away from the propeller as possible. In addition a number of constructive steps were made, in order to create a low noise level. During trails noise measurements showed levels well below any requirements and recommendations. 

Abaft deck house (on boat deck 01), 2 off trawl winches, all aft fish pump deck, with double fish pumping stations SB as well as PS.  

Integrated in aft ship construction and boat deck 01 is also trawl gallow, which accommodates 2 main towing blocks as well as tail-end block. 2 off net sounder winches are fitted on top of gallow. 

 CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM purser/trawler

On forecastle deck / boat deck 02, 2 anchor winches, with mooring drums in dedicated house are fitted, together with mooring equipment.   

On boat deck 02, deck house with and accommodation are mounted. Accommodation in deck house: Mess room, day room/TV-lounge, cinema, galley with provision room (and separate fridge-/freezer rooms), 4 off 1-man cabins all with en-suite toilet/shower facilities, hospital and stairways and corridors. PS fan room for ventilation for engine rooms, as well as exhaust trunks. 

On SB purse fish pump, fish hose- and el-cable reels are mounted. Also on boat deck 01 level main foredeck crane and SB fish pump crane. 

On PS of deckhouse MOB deck and –davit. 

On boat deck 03, deck house with accommodation are mounted 

Accommodation comprises: 6 1-man cabins, all with en-suite toilet/shower facilities, instrument room, trim room with wellness section, including steam bath and stairways and corridors.  

Wheelhouse on top of deck house, with 360° view. Funnel with deck PS. 



Length overall …………. 89,35 m

Length between PP …. 83,50 m

Breadth moulded ……… 17,00 m

Breadth at stern ……….. 18,00 m

Depth main deck ………… 6,90 m

Depth shelter deck …….. 9,60 m

Scantling draught ……… 8,50 m

Frame spacing ………… 600 mm

Tonnage …………..……. 4985 GT

RSW-tanks ………….. 3590 cum

Fuel oil ………………….. 599 cum

Fresh water ……………… 74 cum

Forepeak ………………… 264 cum


Design: Karstensens Skibsværft A/S 

Trial speeds / average:

18,2 knots, diesel-mechanical / speed step 1. 

16,5 knots, diesel-mechanical / speed step 2. 

Hull: – built by Karstensen Shipyard Poland, Gdynia, Poland. 

Class: DNV +1A Fishing Vessel E0 TMON, hull: Ice-C. 




The wheelhouse on the new CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM for the Faroe Islands


LED navigation lights: Den Haan. 

Search light: 3 x Seematz LED. 

Tank level controls: Mobrey alarms. 

Electrical contractor: KS Elektro. 

Power management: Deif Delomatic 4 PMS system. 

Main switchboard: ScanTechnic, Denmark. 

Vessel is fitted with frequency converter for floating frequencies between 50 and 60 Hz. 

Alarm panel / IAS: Wartsila Lyngsø. 

The wheelhouse on the new CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM for the Faroe Islands


Extensive array of electronic equipment (navigation, fish finding and communication), all supplied by Furuno, Scanmar and Simrad. Simrad equipment is supplied by Sea Mech. 

Main items: 

Display system: Furuno Smart Bridge 

Main monitors; 5 pcs 55” Olorin. 

16 pcs 32” Hatteland. 

6 pcs 27” Hatteland. 

The wheelhouse on the new CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM for the Faroe Islands

LF sonar 1: Furuno FSV-25S, 15-25 kHz. 

LF sonar 2: Simrad ST94, 25 kHz. 

HF sonar: Furuno FSV-75, 180 kHz. 

Echo sounder 1: Furuno FCV-38. 

Echo sounder 2: Furuno FCV-1900. 

Echo sounder 3: Furuno DFF1-UHD 

Purse net sonar / bow scanner: 

Simrad SN93 

3D sonar: WASSP 80 kHz 

Current indicator: Furuno CI68. 

Net monitor: Marport. 

Trawl sonar: Simrad FS-70. 

The wheelhouse on the new CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM for the Faroe Islands

Radar 1 (3 cm): Furuno FAR 2218-X. 

Radar 2 (10 cm): Furuno FAR 2238-S. 

Radar 3: Furuno DRS6A-NXT 

Ecdis: Tecdis T-2128. 

Plotter 1: Olex, 3D. 

Plotter 2+3: MaxSea Time Zero. 

GPS: Furuno GP-170 

AIS: Furuno FA-170 

Gyro compass: 2 x Simrad RGC-80. 

GPS compass: Furuno SC-130. 

Furuno SC-70. 

Autopilot: Simrad AP70-system. 

VDR: Furuno VR-7000 VDR 

The wheelhouse on the new CHRISTIAN Í GRÓTINUM for the Faroe Islands

V-sat communication: 2 x Sailor 900 

Sat-TV system: Sailor 

GMDSS: Sailor equipment for A4 navigation. 

VHFs: Sailor. 


Autotrawl system: Scantrol. 

ME remote control: Wartsila. 

Intercom: Vingtor Stentofon, 




Main engine: Wartsila 12V31, 7320 kW @ 750 rpm. 

Propeller plant: Wartsila 4G1190, d4500 mm. 

Reduction gearbox: Wartsila SCV 112/2-PDC68. 

Shaft alternator: Marelli MJRM 710, 3300 kW / 4125 kVA. 

SCR system: Wartsila 

Auxiliaries: 1 x Caterpillar 3512, 1348 kWe @ 1800 rpm. 

1 x Caterpillar C32,  940 kWe @ 1800 rpm. 

Harbour set: 1 x Caterpillar C7.1, 200 kWe @ 1800 rpm 


Rudder Kongsberg high lift flap rudder. 

Steering gear: Kongsberg Tenfjord SR 723 – 412 kNm. 

Stern thruster: 1 x Brunvoll, 1400 kW / 1904 HP. 

Azimuth thruster: 1 x Brunvoll AR80 LTC2100, 1500 kW / 2040 HP. 


Starting air compr.: 2 x Sperre HL5/105A. 

Workign air compr. 2 x Atlas Copco MAS GF11FF 

Fuel oil cleaning: CC Jensen filter. 

Lub oil cleaning: CC Jensen filter. 

FO transfer pumps: 2 x Bombas Azcue. 

Remote sounding: API / Wartsila Lyngsø. 

Pumps: Main engine cooling: Bombas Azcue. 

Deckwash-, fire- and 

bilge pumps: Bombas Azcue. 

Hydraulic cooling – and 

fish room cooling pumps: Bombas Azcue. 

Main coolers: Hydroniq Rack-coolers. 

Bilge ejectors: Ellehammer. 

FW pressure sets: 2 x Bombas Azcue. 

Hot water tank: OSO, 200 l/ 2x15kW. 

Sewage pumps: 2 x Bombas Azcue. 

Sewage vacuum syst: Jets. 




net drums

Electric winches: – all supplied by Ibercisa, main system, electric: 

2 x Trawl winches 97,0 t 

1 x Tail-end winch 90,0 t 

1 x Topline winch 90,0 t 

2 x Netdrums 140,0 t 

2 x Purse seine winches 40,0 t 

1 x End-wire winch 20,7 t 

2 x Purse auxiliary winches 15,1 t 

2 x Mooring winches 12,0 t 

1 x Anchor windlass  

2 x Netsounder winch 


Fish pumping: – all supplied by MacGregor Rapp, electric: 

3 x Cable reels. 

3 x Fish hose reel. 

3x MacGregor Rapp, electric fish pumps, 20”. 

purse seinewinch

Purse handling: – all supplied by MacGregor Triplex,: 

1 x Nethauler, Triplex 1020, electric 32,0 t  

1 x Net crane, KNR-120, 7,0 tonnes x 13,8 m. 

1 x Net crane, KNR-75 

1 x Float stacker, Triplex 

1 x Ground stacker, telescopic. 


Deck cranes: – all supplied by MacGregor Triplex, hydraulic: 

1 x Fore deck crane, KN-75, 4 tonnes x 18,0 m. 

1 x Fish pump crane, KN-60, 3,5 tonnes x 13,0 m. 


HP hydraulics: Complete drive system for cranes: 

2 x 128 kW pump-units. 


Trawl blocks Brdr. Markussen, Blue Line 

Anchors & chains AC-14, supplied through Max Fodgaard.  

trawl deck work room



rsw room

3 x PTG FrioNordica, each 1300 kW / 1.118.000 kCal/h. 

Circulation pumps 3 x 960 cum/h 

Condenser pumps 3 x 260 cum/h 

RSW circulation system with remote operated RSW-valves through Wartsila Lyngsø control system. 

Actuators for valves: Eltorque. 

Vacuum-system: Iras: 

3 x 87 kW compressor units. 

3 x 3000 l tanks. 






Wheelhouse: Shipyard. 

Wheelhouse consoles: Shipyard / Norisol. 

Accommodation: Maritime Montering, Norway. 

Furniture: Maritime Montering / Ekornes, Norway. 

Wheelhouse chairs: Nor-Sap 1600. 

Ventilation plant: LF Ventilation. 

Windows: Promap. 

Window wipers: Wynn. 

Galley equipment: Beha, Norway. 

Paint supplier: PPG Sigma – vessel completely sandblasted and hot-zinc sprayed. 



MOB-boat: Viking Norsafe Mako-655 waterjet. 

MOB-boat davit: Viking MDM DAF-375E. 

Life rafts: 2 x Viking, 20 pers.  

Watermist system: Survitec. 

Fire detection: Scana Servoteknikk. 


The Fishing Daily would like to congratulate the Rasmussen family on their new fishing vessel and wish everyone good and safe fishing well into the future