Icelandic boatbuilder Trefjar

Icelandic boatbuilder Trefjar delivers ‘M/S Tare’ to Norwegian owner Stein Magne Hoff from Ålesund

Icelandic boatbuilder, Trefjar has delivered a new fishing vessel to Norway based on the now famous Cleopatra model.

The new owner of the fishing boat is Stein Magne Hoff, an operator from Ålesund in Norway, who recently received the new Cleopatra 42 which will be named the ‘M/S Tare’.

Stein Magne will be the skipper of the boat which he will operate with another crewman on deck.

The M/S Tare is 12.5 metres long and weighs 18 gross tons fitted with twin main engines which are two Yanmar 6LYA2-STP, 440hp / 3300omr connected to ZF 286IV gearboxes. The boat is also equipped with a hydraulic side propeller that is connected to the boat’s autopilot. There is room for 19,380 litres tanks in the fish hold. 

The wheelhouse is equipped Furuno and Olex with navigation equipment. Lifeboat and other safety equipment of the boat comes from Viking.

The ‘M/S Tare’ is fitted with a roomy forward cablin, with a dining area and a fully equipped cooking facilities are on the bridge. The cabin also sleeps three and the boat is fully equipped with a toilet and shower facilities.

The ‘M/S Tae’ is equipped for line fishing and  will also be used for sea fishing and teaching at Sjómannaskóli.

The boat has arrived in Norway and will be ready to start fishing in the coming weeks.

About Trefjar

Trefjar Ltd in Iceland manufacture fibreglass boats, aquaculture equipment and acrylic parts. The company was established in the town of Hafnarfjörður in Iceland in 1977 by its managing director Mr. Auðun N. Óskarsson. The company has now two factories: one since 1996 a 3,500 m2 factory house with 15.000 m2 of outdoor working space and another since 2008 a 3,800m2 purpose built boat factory with 8.000m2 outdoor working space.

In 1994 Trefjar Ltd. developed a new line of fast-fishing boats called the Cleopatra series. The Cleopatra series is manufactured mainly in four sizes Cleopatra Fisherman 31, Cleopatra Fisherman 33, Cleopatra Fisherman 38 and Cleopatra Fisherman 50.

The Cleopatra boats are high speed boats designed to meet all requirements of professional fishermen for efficiency, speed and seaworthiness. The Cleopatra Fisherman are particularly spacious and strong fishing boats.

They can be outfitted for trawling, Danish seining, potting, long lining with autoline system and handline fishing with jigging reels. They are designed to reach mid-shore fishing grounds, either as high speed long liners or economic and efficient small trawlers.