new german freezer trawler

A German subsidiary of Dutch fishing company Parlevliet & van der Plas Group has ordered a new 88m deep sea freezer trawler

A new deep-sea freezer trawler is currently being built in Turkey by the Tersan shipyard for one of the German subsidiaries of the Dutch P&P Group, Nordbank Hochseefischerei GmbH. 

The “Jan Maria” (BX 792) will replace the “Gerda Maria” (ROS 768). This stern trawler was put into service in 1990 as “Cuxhaven” (NC 106).  

The commissioning of the “Jan Maria” is planned for July 2023. Bremerhaven becomes its home port. The state-of-the-art ship was designed in Norway, has a total length of about 88 metres and a width of about 18 metres.  

With the crew of 45, the vessel will fish in the high northern waters for whitefish species such as cod, pollock and halibut, as well as Arctic shrimp. The catch, which can go up to a daily quantity of 100 tons, is processed and frozen directly on board.  

The Parlevliet & van der Plas Group (P&P), headquartered in Katwijk (Netherlands), is a family business with over 8,000 employees. With its subsidiaries (including Deutsche Sea, Doggerbank and GSF in Bremerhaven), the P&P Group is now one of the largest fish processing companies in Western Europe.  

Technical data:  

Overall length 88.10m

Width 18.30m  

Class DNV +1A-Ice (18), TMON, EO “Stern Trawler”. 

Speed approximately 15 knots. 

Accommodation set up for 43 people in single and double cabins with separate bathrooms.  

Propulsion system – Hybrid solution – 1 main engine of 7,000 kW at 750 rpm – 1 CPP main propeller Ø4300 – Maximum power from the propeller 7000 kW. 

Auxiliary diesel engines – 2 x 1,300 kW at 900 rpm – 1 x Emergency power generator 100 kW at 1,800 rpm. 

Freezing system The ship should be equipped with a fully automatic freezing system for fish fillet and shrimps. Capacity 100 tons/day, based on an ammonia system. Fillet processing plant The ship will be equipped with a fully integrated sorting, filleting, processing and freezing system on board. 

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