Second Thought Ltd has announced that it is to operate CFP traceability

Second Thought Ltd has announced that it is to operate CFP traceability

Finnish based company Second Thought Ltd has announced that it is to operate a Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) traceability control system.

Second Thought was founded in 2017 to innovate and explore how digitalisation could benefit various industry areas and if we could help with making products smarter and to bridge that smartness to supply chains and traceability.

The CFP is responsible for sustainably managing European fishing fleets and conserving fish stocks. The European Commission decided in 2018 to initiate a revision of the fisheries control system. The overall objective of the revision is to modernise, strengthen and simplify the EU fisheries control system, ensure sustainability and increase the level playing field in fisheries control.

Part of the control system is the traceability, as the fish batches need to be recorded and traced. Due to complexity of the fishing trade and fish processing, the batches are constantly mixed, divided and added. This has been the challenge in developing a functioning traceability management.

Second Though Ltd in Finland has come up with a simple solution to this complicated problem. Second Thought Ltd’s Unique Product Identifier Service UPIDS was innovated a few years ago and can be used for CFP traceability as well as other unique product traceability needs.

The Fishmongers association of Finland is now supporting the UPIDS traceability to be used for CFP traceability. The first commitments and deals with clients have been made and traceability chains can be established. This is a welcoming change to the situation as the transition period is well overdue and sanctions for the lack of traceability are already common. Fisheries and seafood market operators that do not comply, are soon to be unauthorised for not complying with the EU legislation. That stops both the domestic and export fish business of these operators.

“In addition to the support of the Fishmonger Association of Finland, Second Thought is also co-operating with international labelling machine suppliers to stamp the identifier to each box and batch of fish. Several co-operating international ERP suppliers have stated that UPIDS is easy and cost-effective to integrate to ERP-systems. And in the end, the sales batches that reach the stores will bear the GS1 Digital Link standard QR code that can both be used to fetch all the required traceability info and conform to the GS1 2D barcode standards. – Although we’re starting out in Finland, we’re expecting international interest. The solution has no national limits,” says Second Thought CEO Jani Kasanen.

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