Brunvoll invests production technology

One of two new machining centers with both milling and latching functions at Brunvoll, as it invests 100m NOK in production technology. Illustration: PAMA S.P.A

Brunvoll’s strategy for production in Norway was established as early as the 1990s, with the forward-thinking Brunvoll family at the forefront.

This has led to continuous and significant investments in enhancing the factories’ competitiveness and raising internal expertise to meet our customers’ high demands and expectations.

Group CEO Kåre Øyvind Vassdal.

“We are convinced that having a fully integrated value chain where we have complete control from A to Z is the right thing for Brunvoll and our further development. Despite a business policy from the government that continually challenges local Norwegian ownership and production, we at Brunvoll are incredibly proud that as a family-owned group, we once again take a leap and invest significantly to enhance our competitiveness.”, says Group CEO Kåre Øyvind Vassdal.

The Brunvoll group is currently experiencing significant growth, and in connection with this, we have placed orders for two large new and high-tech machines to further expand our capability and capacity.

One large machining centre for gearbox housings are ordered for the factory in Volda. The other machine on order is a large combination turning and machining centre for the factory in Molde. The machines will be delivered by the supplier PAMA S.P.A in Q1 2025. PAMA is an Italian company with a 90-year long history of delivering medium to large machines with high requirements to rigidity and shares the same passion as Brunvoll for precision.

“Pama is proud to continue with its high-performance products the fruitful cooperation with prestigious company Brunvoll. We will supply two technologically advanced multitasking machines with high automation, that will strengthen the presence of our company in the Norwegian market. We thank Brunvoll for choosing/trusting us again.” says Matteo Mattuzzi, Sales Director at PAMA S.P.A.


About Brunvoll

The Brunvoll Group is a leading maritime system supplier. The group has extensive experience in the development, in-house production, and service of propulsion, positioning, and manoeuvring systems for advanced ocean-going vessels. Brunvoll is a Norwegian family-owned company with a high export share and excellent financial stability. The group is experiencing strong growth and achieves a turnover of approximately 1.5 billion NOK in 2023. The company was established in 1912 and has over 540 employees in Norway, located in Molde, Volda, Ålesund, Porsgrunn, and Dalen. Brunvoll is represented through a sales and service network in over 20 countries worldwide. Brunvoll’s vision is “Trusted World Wide,” and their values are to be responsible, reliable, and committed. You can learn more at


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