brunvoll mv quantus

The new FV Quantus designed by Salt Ship Design will be fitted with the Brunvoll Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster. Illustration by Salt Ship Design

Brunvoll with Yet Another Fishing Vessel Contract

Brunvoll has recently signed contract with Westcon Yards for the delivery of a wide array of products to the new fishing vessel for owner M.V. Quantus Limited and Peter & J. Johnstone Limited, based in Peterhead, UK.

Included is the Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster, on its way to become an industry standard for fishing vessels. The vessel is designed by Salt Ship Design and will be delivered from the yard by the end of 2025.

The Brunvoll delivery for Quantus will consist of main propulsion and gear, the BruCon Propulsion and Thruster Control (PTC) system, an aft tunnel thruster, and a Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster in the bow.

The main features of the Combi thruster are to act as tunnel thruster in upper position, and as azimuth manoeuvring and propulsion unit when lowered. The Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster can provide value in various operations from added manoeuvring capability at port, to providing extra thrust and increased manoeuvrability in fishing operations by keeping the vessel on course in conditions which would else cause drift-off. The Combi thruster will also reduce fuel consumption by avoiding inefficient use of the rudder and main propulsion. The Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster has reportedly been used to bring the vessel and crew safely to port in cases where other vital systems have been out of operation.

brunvoll fishing vessel quantus

Brunvoll’s Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster, becoming an industry standard for fishing vessels. Illustration by Brunvoll

Another reason for installing a Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster is as a propulsion unit further away from the fishing gear during hauling or pumping, helps to avoid damage and disruption. Further, using the Retractable Azimuth Combi during pumping operation at stern can allow for completely stopping the main propeller and avoid trawl rotation in the flow out from the propeller, often called propeller wake.

The customers M.V. Quantus Limited and Peter & J. Johnstone Limited have also earlier installed Brunvoll thrusters for their fishing vessels. This time they are placing their trust in Brunvoll to provide an even broader range of products and systems for their new asset. The Quantus will be a pelagic trawler, built for low emissions, safe workdays, and high fish quality operating out of Peterhead (UK), which is one of Europe’s largest white-fish ports.

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