Brim hf’s new freezer-trawler ‘Ilivileq’. Photo: Astilleros Armon

Brim hf, from Iceland has taken delivery of a new deep sea freezer-trawler called ‘Ilivileq’ GR 2-201 from Spanish shipyard Astilleros Armon in Gijón.

The ‘Ilivileq’ GR 2-201 is 83.10 metres in length overall, carries a beam of 17.00metres and weighs in at 5,000 gross tonnes. Brim claims that she is one of the most advanced in the North Atlantic.

Rolls Royce in Norway desig­ned the ship in colla­borati­on with Brim and the design of the ship has taken energy-sa­ving into account as well as concentrating on autom­ati­on. 

The equip­ment onboard is designed specifically for fill­eting and freez­ing, and a HPP’s fis­h ­meal plant is installed in the ship so all power is fully utilized. 

The producti­on capacity can be up to 150 tonn­es per day and the refrigerated fishroom has a 1000 tonne capacity. The filleters come from Vélfagi in Ol­afs­fjor­d­ur. 

‘Ilivileq’ was handed over last week in Spain to skipper Páll Thórir Rúnarsson and chief mate Guðmundur Kristján Guðmundsson, who brought the new trawler to Reykjavík.

The ship is equipp­ed with a new generati­on of eng­ines from Ber­gen-Diesel and Rolls-Royce delivering 5,400 kW power.