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After a successful 2022 Expo, BlueFish looks forward to a great show in 2023

The evaluation after the BlueFish Expo 2022 says that two-third of the exhibitors already want to sign up next time, and BlueFish is establishing a reference group to ensure positive development.

31st of May to 2nd of June 2022, the third BlueFish fishing expo was held in Ålesund. The company ArenaNorway AS is behind the event and says that due to Covid – there was long considerable uncertainty about whether and when one could get the event completed for the third time, but it was a well-received and completed event in Sparebanken Møre Arena – Ålesund.

The fishing expo BlueFish increased the number of square meters of exhibitor area from the previous fishing expo in 2019, and there were exhibitors from 6 nations – even though several Norwegian and foreign exhibitors had to cancel due to Covid uncertainty this year.

Visitor numbers are often a topic, but BlueFish has a reputation for being visited by decision-makers and many of the exhibitors say they have written contracts after BlueFish or have had good conversations about this. Nevertheless, we can mention that there were close to 4000 visitors at BlueFish 2022. (a total of 3915)

Therefore, it is gratifying that in the evaluation carried out after the BlueFish fishing expo, 2/3 of the exhibitors already say that they want to sign up next time. They also point out The BlueFish party, where the exhibitor and their guests gather for good food and entertainment – as a concept they do not want to change.

Next BlueFish expo is scheduled for September 5-7, 2023, registration starts on 1st of September 2022 at

ArenaNorway, which is behind BlueFish expo, now wants to establish a reference group that will contribute to developing the expo in a good way. Based on the evaluation, there are several points on which development is desired, and this reference group will consist of people who have positions in industries that have an interest in BlueFish. Among other things, the hotels in the city were sold out this year, and hotel capacity is important for visits.

Former Minister of Fisheries Harald Tom Nesvik has been asked to sit in this group and has positively confirmed that he will contribute to the development of BlueFish expo by participating in the reference group.

Source: Press Release

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