Advertise effectively to the commercial fishing industry

Benefits of advertising to the fishing industry on The Fishing Daily 

The Fishing Daily offers advertisers some very specific benefits such as:

  • Targeted Audience – Our readers are interested in the Commercial Fishing and Seafood Industries. Is that your market?
  • Digital is engaging – Use great photography, written content and/or video to promote your business
  • Digital is Dynamic & Editable – We can tweak your advert, change it with the seasons, swop it out, curate it and let you decide where and when it should be seen. We can change anything at any time, in response to your requirements
  • Measurability – We track traffic to report real numbers to help you gauge your return on any investment.
  • Timely Publication – We can publish your advert on any days that suit you. We do not have to wait for a Print Run or an end of month deadline
  • News is New – We publish The Commercial Fishing Industry News as it happens
  • Digital is Eco-friendly – We have no print waste, cause no pollution and have a Green policy
  • Helps increase Traffic to your Website – The hyperlink in your advertisement or press release will drive more traffic to your website. Your advert can link to your website or to specific pages or products. This is a valuable ongoing backlink.
  • Your advert can include a form, such as a booking, enquiry, application or contact form
  • Credibility within the fishing industry is another benefit of advertising or being featured with us
  • Digital Features grow more important with time – Unlike a paper/magazine feature, it grows more valuable with time. And it can be updated.

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Advertising Options to the Commercial Marine and Seafood Industry

Advert Type              


Commercial Communication: Press Release, Product, Job or Event Advert 430.00 500.00
Full Business Profile Feature: created by us – including visit, interview, advertorial, video and photos  4,750.00 5,500.00
Full Business Profile Feature: supplied by you 1,430.00 1,650.00
Supplier Advert & Hyperlink in New Boat Feature 300.00 350.00
Supplier Hyperlink in New Boat Feature 85.00 100.00
Spotlight feature monthly 85.00 100.00 per month
Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship 45.00 50.00 per week
The Fishing Daily Podcast Sponsorship 430.00 500.00 per episode
The Fishing Daily Feature Podcast 1,430.00 1,650.00 per episode

All prices in Euros exclude VAT @ 23%.


Advert Type

£ per month rate

 € per month rate

£ per annum rate

€ per annum rate

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Inside News Article –  Top Right From 430.00 From 500.00 From 4,300.00 From 5,000.00
In News Article – Bottom of Page From 130.00 From 150.00 From 1,300.00 From 1,500.00
Bottom Slide Advert Home page From 45.00 From 50.00 From 450.00 From 500.00
Skyscraper Advert Fishing News Pages (Fishing News, Irish Fishing, Scottish Fishing News, UK Fishing News, EU Fishing News From 130.00 From €150 From 1,300 From 1,500

All prices in Euros exclude VAT @ 23%.

Advertising Terms & Conditions – Advertise to the fishing industry

PLEASE NOTE: Respectfully, we do not work with trading, gambling or betting companies. We also do not accept any unsolicited guest posts or allow follow links.

Notice: All invoices must be paid before publication of any material

The Fishing Daily will invoice directly for for services at the above rates unless otherwise agreed in advance.

The Fishing Daily will ensure to the best of its ability, that the website will be kept up-to-date and running smoothly.

However, The Fishing Daily and its owner do not take responsibility for, and will not be liable for the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control. 

The Fishing Daily accepts responsibility if there is a break in service for longer than 24 hours where the disruption is due to the website owner’s error or oversight.

However, the break in service does not cover excluded days. The advertiser will be offered a discount on their next invoice equal to that of the number of days without service, excluding the first 24-hour period, of the break in service. 

The billing period will run from the 1st of each month until the 28th of that month. The dates of the 29th, 30th and 31st will be known as excluded days. The advertiser’s advertisement will remain in place and will only be removed in cases of non-payment for services. 

Other excluded days are New Year’s Day and its Public Holiday. St Patrick’s Day and it’s Public Holiday. Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Easter Monday. The May Public Holiday and June Public Holiday. The August and October Public Holidays. Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and the following three days, the 27th, 28th and 29th of December. 

Family bereavements are also classified as excluded days with up to four days allowed.

Also included in excluded days are periods of STATUS RED – Severe Weather Warning. 

Non-payment or a default in payment will result in your company’s advertisement being removed until payment is made in full. If you will not be able to meet the payment date due to technical issues or unforeseen circumstances please contact in advance of the time. 

Monthly contracts can be broken at the end of a monthly period providing The Fishing Daily is notified by the 21st of that month. 

The Fishing Daily will strive to maintain a diverse and fair number of advertisements on the website. The number of advertisements will not be excessive as the aim of the website is to provide quality news to the reader, which in turn, will give an uncluttered access to the advertisements. 

The Fishing Daily will place restrictions on who will be acceptable advertisers mainly tobacco companies & gambling companies or advertisers with links to tobacco companies & gambling companies. 

Advertisers will ensure that they’re they meet the codes of practice as set out by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI). Any advertisement that does not meet the codes of practice as set out by the ASAI will be notified that the advertisement does not meet the required and will be withdrawn. 

Advertisers must also maintain the ASAI Codes of Practice in relation to their own websites or else they risk termination of their advertisement on The Fishing Daily. 

The Fishing Daily will make every effort when possible to give the RNLI and other volunteer organisations related to the sea, free coverage where possible. 

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