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Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Fishing Daily and thank you for taking time to visit our About Us page.

The Fishing Daily was founded by Oliver McBride in September 2019 with the website coming online on 09 January 2020.

The Fishing Daily is fast becoming a household name in the fishing industry and its parent company Saltwater Media Ltd (Comhlacht Cumarsáide an tSáile Teoranta) believes the news platform will play an important part in the future of the industry’s news.

In November 2020, Oliver changed title from Editor to Managing Editor with Michael MacGinty coming onboard and taking the role of Managing Editor.

Oliver’s day-to-day role hasn’t changed and neither has the independence of The Fishing Daily been compromised as it does not recieve sponsorship from any Government Body or non-Governmental Organisation.

The aim and ethics of The Fishing Daily remains the same as from day one. No compromise news about fishing. It is important to cover every aspect of news from what the fishers say, to what the politicans say, to what the NGO’s are saying.

Oliver comes from a family that has deep roots in the fishing industry and has a background in photography/journalism. Whilst working for a contemporary news outlet, he realised there was a strong need for an up-to-date news service for the fishing industry.

In 2018, Oliver made a commitment that he would build a news service worthy of the people who worked in the fishing industry and he has been working on it since.

In the modern world we live in there is so much breaking news, but the fishing industry lacked that cutting edge and it felt like it was being out-muscled by other industries who can organise themselves better because they are land based.

To most people on land, fishing is something that happens out there unseen and unexperienced but that does not mean that it does not exist. Fishing is the toughest job and the most dangerous vocation in the world. It is also a modern industry and should be treated equally amongst its peers. Therefore your news should be at your fingertips.

The Fishing Daily is your news service for your industry. The place where you go to get all your news today.


Meet the Editor

The Fishing Daily Editor, Oliver McBride

My name is Oliver McBride.

Some of you may know me from my time as editor of another fishing related publication and some of you probably don’t remember me, but hey, that’s okay.  

For those of you who don’t know me or remember me, I am from a small fishing village in north Co Donegal called Downings, where my family has had a long association with the local fishing industry. 

I was brought-up a stone’s throw from the pier in Downings. My father was a boat builder in Mevagh Boatyard along with my uncle Anton; who was boat-designer, gaffer and head boat builder.  

There has always been boats and fishing in my life. My uncles and cousins always have had boats. Like most families around the coast, I come from generations of sea-goers and growing-up I tried my hands at salmon fishing, potting, seine-netting and trawling. 

Fishing is a tough job and anyone who is employed in the business deserves the utmost respect. I don’t pretend to know everything about fishing because there’s such a variety of fisheries right around the coasts of Ireland and the UK. But I’m interested in learning and that’s why I am here. 

An old photo taken by my cousin Donnachu onboard the Naomh Bríd. That’s me on the right with my other cousin Frankie on the helm

No matter where I have travelled, the people involved in this community are the best people you can meet anywhere and that is what brought me back.

In my life so far, there was never a place I visited where I didn’t find everyone as being more than welcoming. From having a cup of coffee in the Co-op in Rossaveal, to yarning with the veteran skippers of Dunmore East and Kilmore Quay, to the folks of Killybegs, Kilkeel and Howth or a –4 degree 9.00 am December run-around Broadhaven Bay; no matter where you go you will never find a more genuine type of person than you do in our community. I still have that feeling of sitting in a half-finished hull on a pier in Wexford drinking tea from a well worn flask. These things always bring me back my younger days because no matter how much fishing and boats have changed, at heart fishing people are still the same. 

My aim for The Fishing Daily is to bring you relevant news, current affairs and features. If there’s something happening in your area and you believe people should know about it, then let me know. This is an impartial platform and everyone will get to tell their side of the story as long as they do it in a respectful manner. I am not taking sides and I am not favouring any one industry.  

I also want to bring you interesting features from a wide cross section of the commercial fishing world. 

The Fishing Daily is totally independent and is subscription free. There is no backer from the fishing industry pushing their own agenda and there is no political party agenda. I do not submit to being dictated to or working with my hands tied. I will be impartial and I will listen to both sides of the argument. I will leave the reader to decide their own judgement on issues. I have no intention of becoming a dictator or a saviour, there are other editors out there at the moment who believe their opinions and agendas are more important than getting to the truth. Which in good journalism is wrong. 

I hope I can deliver for you and I wish you all safe & successful fishing. 



Meet the Managing Director

Michael MacGinty, businessman and partner at MEANit Web Design Agency

Michael-MacGinty-Headshot40 years of creating successful starts up, managing sales teams and using web-based technology to grow businesses for clients of his successful MEANit web design agency.